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Child labor

Religion Class grade12

roxy slota

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Child labor

Child Labor By Roxy,H
Kristen,P Introduction Why does Child Labor Occur? What is Child Labor? Different kinds of Child Labor •Child Labor is defined as work that deprives children of their childhood and their potential in life learning. They’re stripped of their own identity and conditions that are classified as harmful to the child's physical and mental development. Agriculture Approximately 153 million children between the ages 5 and 14 who are engaged in child labor References http://www.international.gc.ca/rights-droits/kids-enfants/labour-travail.aspx?lang=eng&view=d There are 218 million child laborers around the world. It is estimated that it would take $760 billion over 20 years to eliminate child labor completely. The estimated benefit in terms of better education and health is over $4 trillion, a six-to-one difference. Out of 10 working children, seven work in agriculture, two in services and one in industry. Video http://www.unicef.ca/en/blog/take-a-stand-it%E2%80%99s-world-day-against-child-labour Facts Child Prostitution and Child soldiers Slavery Includes farming,fishing,brick making and livestock. Work consists of large machinery and pesticides Includes industries such as cotton,sugar,coffee beans,carpets, chocolate and more. Often trafficked or kidnapped from their homes to work alone in domestic services. Statistics Percentage of children aged 5-15 engaged in child labor at the time of the survey, by Region Source: UNICEF global databases 2011, from DHS, MICS and other national surveys, 2000–2010. http://www.childinfo.org/labour.html Class discussion Question? Since Child Labor is driven by poverty do you think this social issue can ever be stopped ? Explain The End Each child has his or her own story of how they became a victim in Child Labor unfortunately, because of high unemployment and labor laws, in the rural areas across the globe it can be easier for an adult to make a child work informally than for them to find a wage-paying job. Illness may also be a cause of child labor. A parent may be too sick to work, or worse. For example in sub-Saharan Africa, HIV/AIDS has orphaned 11.5 million children, taking the kids out of school to care for their siblings, run the house hold, and earn an income any way they can. Catholics Churches position and perspective on Child Labor ? Video Map Class discussion question? Do you think child labor occurs because children are easy to exploit and don't complain as much as adults do? Game Time Apple released a complete list of its suppliers for the first time on Friday, saying some of the 156 companies with which it contracts don't adhere to its standards for labor or environmental practices, including a ban on child labor. "Apple said it found 6 active and 13 historical cases of underage labor at some component suppliers but said it did not find any underage workers at its final assembly suppliers," Reuters wrote of the report, which you can read in full [PDF] on Apple's website. It also found some of the companies didn't adhere to environmental standards or those governing labor practices in adult workers. "For example, the report said Apple's suppliers were in compliance with the company's code of a maximum of a 60-hour work week only 38% of the time," the Wall Street Journal reported. But the company's trying to open itself up, so that's a good thing. It's clearly feeling pressure from the mounting reports of employee mistreatment at places like Foxconn, which makes Apple products in China and where workers threatened a mass suicide if conditions didn't improve.

Update (2:30 p.m. EST): Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke with Reuters about the report, saying it was how Apple was working to hold its suppliers to ever-higher standards: McCarthy •Around one in three children in Sub-Saharan Africa are workers. In 1891, Pope Leo XIII in a quote said " .. ... in regard to children, great care should be taken not to place theme in workshops and factories until their bodies and minds are sufficiently developed. For , just as very rough weather the buds of spring, so does too early an experience of life's hard toil blight the young promises of chides faculties, and rendaer any true education impossible". Later, in the World Day Of Peace Message for 1996, Pope John Paul 2 wrote: "Child labour , in its intolerable forms, constitutes a kind of violence that is less obvious than others, but it is not for this reason any less terrible. What is Child Labour
When/Why does is Occur
Different Types of Labour
Church's View
Class discussion question's
Game Time Summary Difference Between Industries and Services Services Manufacturing Industries Manufacturing Industries engaged in the production of goods (finished products) that have value in the marketplace. These industries are further classified into two as Process Industries (Flow production or continuous process production industries) Service Industries include those industries that do not produce goods, but provide certain services. Typically, this sector includes hospitality, advertising, banking, insurance, consultancy, logistics, etc. R.J. McCarthy manufactures a significant portion of its uniforms in overseas locations. “I made a pledge. I said, we’re going to inspect every one of our major factories, regardless of where it is in the world, with third-party, independent inspectors,” says Kelleher. “We’re going to go in and make sure the working conditions are appropriate. We started that a year and a half ago. And we’ve completed all of those reports. Those inspections confirmed there were no offensive violations in our factories such as child labour but there there were other issues that required remediation. The Toronto Catholic school board has decided to put some teeth into a new policy requiring its uniform suppliers to guarantee that their garments aren't made in sweatshops.

The board will join eight others in Ontario that have contracted with the U.S.-based non-profit Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) to investigate complaints about apparel manufacturers such as Mc CARTHY. Factories found to abuse their workers or use child labour are published on the group's website.

The so called "no-sweat" policy, the subject of three years of lobbying by board students and Catholic social justice groups, initially passed last fall, but it did not include any way to monitor the factories being used by local uniform suppliers. -2-10-http://www.sweatfree.org/media_TS06 Some trustees were unwilling to alienate long-time uniform suppliers, such as R.J. McCarthy Ltd., which were concerned that the publication of their factory locations put them at a competitive disadvantage. Most students and parents would be willing to pay a few cents more to ensure their school uniforms were ethically manufactured, said Tahnee Pantig, in Grade 12 at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts.

"It's important for students to take an active role in creating change. In essence it's our role to determine what those changes are going to be," she said. What Mc Carthy had to say
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