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The Rape of Nanking

This will help you know the basic information of a gencide of the Rape of Nanking that lasted six weeks in the capital city of China (Nanking) where thousands of Chinese civilians were mudered by the Japanese army.

Sandra Gutierrez

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of The Rape of Nanking

The Rape of Nanking By:
Sandra Gutierrez,
Jailene Medina,
Melissa Gutierrez,
Christian Legeness,
Jonathan Ivey The Rape Of Nanking was a mass murder of thousands Chinese civilians that were killed by the Japanese Army . This event took place in China's capital city Nanking (Nanjing). The perpetrators (Japanese army) killed the victims (Chinese civilians) in many ways. Women were raped and then executed, men where beaten up and buried alive, while small babies were stabbed in the head and burned with fire. Who?Where? There was a battle in Shanghai, involving the Japanese Army and Chinese soldiers in the summer of 1937, this was a victory for China. Ultimately, this had upset Japan and later on took out revenge that followed into Nanking.Japan went to war with China to take control of Chinese trading goods & later believed that it was Japan’s destiny to rule China.Japan thought that their survival was depending on Chineses agricultural lands and other resources.As a result, this is an assault later leaded to the Rape of Nankin Why Genocide occurred? Long Term Effects After all these years China still has sense of mistrust towards Japan because of the war crimes that they have made to China as the Nanking Massacre and this is because Japan doesn't want to admit and apologize for the atrocities. Since 1990 apologies were made out ,but not like a man that kneeled down on his knees for Germany's crimes, but in denial from the political leader Shigeto that stands up for his nation pride and honor; calling Japanese atrocities “a lie” that was made by China to make a bad image of Japan. History OF NANKING What? & When? This genocide took place in the 20Th century, while World War 2 was happening. In December of 1937, the Japanese Imperial Army marched into China's capital city of Nanking (Nanjing) and proceeded to murder 300,000 civilians and soldiers, this was know as the Second-Sino Japanese War. This is a picture of little boys and girls getting thrown in a pile to get burned after Japanese soldiers had stabbed then multiply times. As of Japan they see this as honor, pride and also shame for what they did. Japan apologizes for their wrongdoing but also think this is a good thing they did this because it shows the youth Japanese about courage of what they did to defend their country and save Asia from Western aggression. This genocide should be learned to prevent any other threat that can be used on people and know that there's evil out there that can harm us and cause mass murders. This picture shows that the Japanese soldier's getting ready for the battle at Shanghai. Is some cases Japanese soldiers would cut out Chinese civilians heads with knifes so that they could feel the pain and torture. This picture shows a women that refused to give up her baby and as a result the Japanese soldier ripped out her head with a sharp knife. Start: 0.25
End: 1.04 The Rape of Nanking YouTube Video This video explains what Japan soldiers would do to the Chinese people whom lived in Nanking. It also contains pictures of the tortures and methods that Japanese soldiers would use to kill Chinese people. 1937- 1938 was when the Japanese started The Rape Of Nanking. The Rape Of Nanking atrocity all started because the Japanese lost the Second Sino-Japanese War. What happen was the Japanese Army marched into the Chinese Capitol of Nanking and murdered 300,000 out of 600,000 civilians and soldiers in the city, When the Japanese went to Nanking they went inside the people houses and raped the older and younger females. The men raped EVERY female inside the house and then put an long, sharp object into the females' genitals. Then the Japanese would capture the Chinese civilians and any other human being and torture them. They played death games on them such as having hem stand and shoot them down. A sad fact is that if the women had a kids they would have the female throw her baby in the sky while the Japanese use them as target practice. This shows Chinese civilians killed by a bayonet, which is a small knife at the tip of a rifle, then left their so the victims can see what's going to happen to them..
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