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The Lightning Thief

No description

Alexis Parra

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The Lightning Thief

The lightning thief 1. Why does Percy feel miserable once he gets his own cabin? Percy feels miserable because he had just felt like he fit into cabin eleven and now he is in his own cabin alone and all the other campers keep their distance from him. 2. Why can't the gods retrieve the bolt themselves? The gods can't retrieve the bolt themselves because the gads can't go into eachothers areas unless they are invited. 3. Who is Argus and why can he never be suprised? Argus is the security guard and he can't be surprised because he has eyes all over his body. 4.Why does Percy have to travel overland? Percy has to travel overland becuse if he travels in the sky on a plane, he would be in zeus' teritory. 5. According to Grover, why did Percy's mom marry gabe? Percy's mom married Gabe to protect Percy because Gabe's stench keeps the monsters from finding Percy.
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