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How does the hydrosphere, atmosphere and geosphere affect th

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Mathews Harney

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of How does the hydrosphere, atmosphere and geosphere affect th

Thanks for Watching!
By: Mathews & Nick

How does the hydrosphere, atmosphere and geosphere affect the biosphere?
Hydrosphere causes erosion of geosphere through running water and precipitation.
Biosphere breaks down rock of the geosphere (plant roots), but when it comes to soil, minerals of the geosphere feed the plants.
Biosphere and atmosphere interact through animal and plant respiration of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
Atmosphere gets water vapor from hydrosphere.
Geosphere creates, destroys and keeps various biosphere places safe.

Does the biosphere influence the other spheres more than the other spheres influence the biosphere? Explain your answer
The biosphere decreases the earth’s cO2 levels.
When an organic plant dies it decomposes and releases cO2 into the atmosphere causes the greenhouse effect.
The biosphere releases methane into the atmosphere, the increased methane also causes greenhouse effect.
The biosphere influences the other spheres more than they affect the biosphere.
How do members of the biosphere affect the hydrosphere and atmosphere?
They affect the hydrosphere and the atmosphere from pollution of the oil in the ocean and gasoline in the air.
How do members of the biosphere affect the geosphere?
The biosphere affects the geosphere by landscaping and building all kinds of stuff
Why does it end with sphere?
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