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World History Capstone Project

No description

Tina Thomas

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of World History Capstone Project

Pre-Ap World History By: Tina Thomas and Olivia Sutton Paleolithic
Revolution Hunters and Gatherers Neolithic Revolution Farming Developed People became less nomadic More Jobs Towns were Formed River Valley Civilizations Mesopotamia Egypt China India Polytheistic Religion Cuneiform ziggurat Hammurabi code Hinduism Reincarnation Karma Caste System Sanskrit Hieroglyphics Irrigation Pharaoh Buddhism Everyone equal Mauryan Dynasty Israel Judaism 10 Commandments Greece city states Athens Democracy Sparta Military Based oligarchy Persia Satrapies Royal Road Persian War Tang Quin Great Wall of China Han Confucianism Civil Service Exams Taoism Legalism Rome Republic 12 Tables Christianity Silk Road Feudalism Justinian's Code of Laws Schism of 1054 Catholic Church unifying socially and politically Magna Carta Crusades Black Death Islamic Empire Islam Mohammad Shi'a Sharia 's Law Caliph Monotheism Dictatorship representative
government Byzantine Empire Western
Europe Spread of Christianity Sunni Qur'an Fall Of Rome Middle Ages Roman Catholic Eastern Orthodox Justinian The Body of the Civil Law Jewish
Persecution Africa Ghana Mali Berbers Gold/
Trade HOLOCAUST Mongols Mayans Mayan Calendar Incas divided into quarters Quipu writing System Chasquis PRINTING
PRESS protestant reformation 95 theses Indulgences Terrance Farming World War I Treaty of Versailles alliances militarism nationalism assassination of
Archduke Ferdinand central allied trench warfare 14 points league of Nations ended ww1 Germany pay reparation led to rise of Hitler World War II Nazi Triangular
Trade North America Atomic Bomb Pearl Harbor D-Day Japan South
America Aztecs Freed France United Nations Cold War Domino Theory Communism Renaissance Arts Michaelanglo Raphael Machiavelli Money/ wealth 3-D perspective Martin Luther John Calvin Calvinism Leonardo Da Vinci Mona Lisa The Prince Sistine Chapel David School of Athens incorporated Mother
Mary in many artworks Modern Man European
Exploration Gold, God, Glory Spain The Enlightenment Cultural Diffusion Colombian Exchange Scientific Revolution Commercial Revolution Joint Stock Market mercantilism Scientific Method Copernicus heliocentric Newton Law of Motion Galileo Telescope against Catholic Church Scarry messenger Locke Natural Rights Adam Smith Father of Modern Economics Laissez- faire Wealth of Nations Thomas Jefferson Declaration of independence Rousseau Social contract The Great
Depression Russia Nuclear Arm Race Space
Race Sputnik Armstrong Moon Crusades Holy Lands Genocide Cambodia Armenia Balkans Rwanda Darfur Balfour
Declaration Civil War Six Day War Genghis Khan Khantes religious
tolerance Terrance farming Ottoman
Empire Gun Powder Secularism individualism Woodrow wilson Henry VII Church Of
England Colombian
Exchange Industrial
Revolution Agriculture
Revolution increase in
population Steam Engine James Watt Textiles Railroad Urbanization Glorious
Revolution English Bill
of Rights Absolute to
monarchy Parliament American
Revolution No taxation without
representation New
constitution French
Revolution Financial
Crisis Capture
of Bastille Declaration of
the rights
of Man of the
Citizen Reign of
terror Napoleon Emperor
of France Attempted to
invade Russia Exiled Latin
Revolution Nationalism Under
control Creoles Simon
Bolivar gained
for LA born in
but Spanish Many gods to keep
world peace failed though Pizzaro Spanish
consquidor Russian
Revolution Over working
workers lack of food February
Revolution October
Revolution overthrew
czar Lenin Nicolas II
down Bolsheviks red white communist noncummunist autocracy USSR Peace Strict Fascist .
Leadership Great Purge Mass murder New Deal Roosevelt used of religon believed
in one god muslims tutsi intellectuals Big victory for America! Misused nuclear weapons balance of trade motivations Road System
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