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After Twenty Years

No description

elie disel

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of After Twenty Years

Point of View
Told by an unknown character
Symbols & Irony
Very Eerie because its at night
Authors Purpose
Mainly to entertain
After Twenty Years
By: O.Henry
Megan, Eliza, & Seth
Bob is the protagonist
He is the protagonist because the main
conflict is centraled around him
"Jimmy Wells"
He is the antagonist because he causes problem for the protagonist
Outside the doorway of a closed hardware store
At night time
New York City
Third Person Limited Narrator
Scar above his right eyebrow
Both allow Bob to recognize him as the wanted man in Chicago
Dark and creepy
To tell a story about a man meeting his friend again after Twenty years
Direct Characterization
Jimmy was kind of a plodder
Sharpest wits
Scar above his right eyebrow
A good fellow
When the patrolman comes walking down the street and starts talking to Bob
Bob goes to light his cigar, and the light from his lighter is enough for him for him to see the scar above the patrolmans eyebrow, and recognize him as the wanted man in Chicago
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