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Henry Hudson

By Ben and Nolan

Mrs. Grandbois

on 15 December 2012

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Transcript of Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson Henry Hudson had a wife named Katherine
and 3 sons named Oliver, John and Richard. John
served his father as his cabin boy. Several of Henry Hudson's trips were
sponsored by The Muscovy Company 1570-1611 The Muscovy Company logo. Henry Hudson made 4 voyages. First Voyage Henry Hudson set off on May 1, 1607
on a ship named Hopewell he attempted to
find a way to the indies by sailing through
the North pole. He brought his son John and
10 other people. He went North going by
Ice Land and reached the coast of Greenland.
He then had to turn back because his ship
kept getting frozen into ice. This was the end
of Henry Hudson's first voyage but it wasn't
his last. Henry Hudson's family: Henry Hudson's family coat of arms. Henry Hudson's ship Hopewell
that he sailed his first 2 voyages. Fun Fact People know about Henry Hudson's
first voyage because of a record
written by Hudson and one of his
sailors. The book was published in
1625 Second Voyage Henry went on his second
voyage in April 22, 1608.
He was still determined to
find the Northeast passage.
He set out in the Hopewell again
with 15 crew members he was
sponsored by the Muscovy
Company. He sailed north but,
he again ran into more ice than
before. He returned to London
August 26, 1608 Fun Fact When Henry's ship was
stuck in ice he had to stay
on the island Novaya Zemlya.
That is the island another explorer,
Willem Barent, had to build a
winter house on in 1596! Third Voyage On Henry Hudson's third voyage he sailed on the Halfmoon, historians don't no much about about his third voyage because only a few of his journals survived and some of them were sold at a auction. He set of on March 25, 1609 and sailed up the coast of Norway but he could not get around the North Cape because he encountered lots of storms. Henry Hudson was scared that their would be mutiny, so he turned back. People do not know the exact date he got back to England. Fun fact Henry Hudson noted in his log
June 15, 1608 that one of his crew
members saw a mermaid. Fourth Voyage and mutiny On this voyage Henry Hudson left
England on 1610 with a crew of 22
sailing on the Discovery. 5 of the
crew members had sailed with Hudson
including a man named Robert Juet,
who is most likely one of the men who
probably participated in the mutiny.
Hudson made two changes to his ship's
personnel. Henry Hudson was trying to
find the westward passage. Very few of
Henry Hudson's journal pages from
his fourth voyage remain. We know
about it because of a crew member named,
Abacuck Prickett's journal. There was also
a note in the desk of another crew member.
He sailed to James Bay, he then searched for
the westward passage in a way that seemed
purposeless to others. With no luck Henry
Hudson and his crew had stay at the southern
most part of James Bay. After a long cold winter
and a lack of food many crew members were sick. On June 18, 1611 the ship was set afloat with only 14 days of food. The crew had lost hope on Hudson, Hudson seemed to loose hope on ever finding the arctic passage. Robert Juet and Henry Greene convinced other crew members to overthrow Hudson. Hudson, his son and 8 other crew members were put in a small boat and set adrift. That was the end of Hudson. Fun Fact Henry Hudson was never seen
again after the mutiny! A picture of Henry Hudson after
the mutiny. Bibliography http://www.ianchadwick.com/hudson/hudson_01.htm Ground Breakers: Henry Hudson Youtube Google Images Famous Explorers Pioneers of Science and Exploration: Henry Hudson http://library.thinkquest.org/4034/hudson.html The end!
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