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Burn Awareness

No description

d j

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Burn Awareness

Second Degree Burns
A second degree burn is more severe than first degree burns. These are burns that go through the epidermis and dermis, the first and second layers of skin. The skin begins to develop blisters and a red splotchy appearance. There is also severe pain and swelling. These burns usually call for running under cool water, using a sterile bandage, and otc medicine.DO NOT use ice, burst blisters, or use ointments.
Third degree burns
Third degree burns are the most severe burns that go through the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis, all layers of the skin. These burns damage skin, fat, muscles, and sometimes bones. Skin either becomes black or dry and white. It may be hard to breathe and skin may be air sensitive, but skin can and usually does go numb. These burns should be elevated. Go to hospital or doctor. May be given IV, antibacterial ointments, pain medication, tetanus shot, etc. May have to get skin graft or reconstruction.
First degree burns
First degree burns, also known as Superficial Burns, are minor burns that only affect the epidermis. They usually have redding of skin and minor swelling. Usually does not need medical attention.
Burn Awareness
3 types of burns
There are three types of burns. These burns are first degree, second degree, and third degree burns. Each type of burn has its own level of severity and damage to the body.
Kimani Williams
Drexell D. Johnson
Asia Daniel
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