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South Africa

No description

Southeast Jaguars

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of South Africa

South Africa
By: Summer& Chris Physical Geography Tradition People Goverment Popular Culture who are they?
they are called (san). they are also desert peole.
what are they like?
there language is (khoisan). there primary foods are (roots,tubers,berries,fruit,nuts, and wild game). one of the types of goverment in south africa is parliamentary democarcy. what are these countries like today?
south africa had a population of 47.4 million people. an estimated 320,000 peole died of aids in south africa. there is a dramatic increase in the death rate.
countries in this region:
Tanzania, lesotho, swaziland .
around the atlantic ocean, indian ocean.
cool, wet winters, and warm dry summers. land forms
san dwellings are small dome shaped grass scherms erected whenever they stop to make camp. san possesions are few and simple. san men wera simple leather thongs. woman wear a leather apron in the front and sometimes in the rear. the conditions in the desert require that the san travel in small groups. Would you like to visit this country?
no because there is alot of dieases there and also there is not alot of water and food suplies. and there would not be alot of shelter to keep yourself safe. and also if there is a storm you would not be very safe.
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