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Culinary Arts Intro

No description

Jeanne Norville

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Culinary Arts Intro

The Art and Science of Culinary Preparation
The art & science began over 300,000 years ago with the discovery of fire

At one point in time spices and herbs were as valuable as gold and silver
Different regions came into to contact with people from different areas & shared their ideas & methods
The Romans refined C.P. as well as the tools used
They are accountable for teaching the art to Europe
Escoffier 1846-1935
Born in France
One of the world’s
first celebrity chefs.
Escoffier wrote many books,
streamlined the modern menu
& promoted the art of French cooking.

Marie-Antoine Carême
Born in Paris, France
self taught in Culinary arts
first chef to begin recording recipes
helped to stream lined the modern menu
Marie-Antoine Carême
Because of Escoffier - King of Reform...
...cooks must wear the now familiar checks & white jackets
...are required to bathe on a regular basis
also discouraged
Escoffier's greatest achievement was the kitchen brigade
first chef to move the kitchen out of unventilated basements

Kitchen Organzation
The organization of an establishment depends on its size, and function. After these were established the effective brigade was made.
The poissoner- fish cook
Grillardin- meats
Garde manger – cold foods
Patissier – pastry chef, baker
Tournant – relief chef
The Menu
The menu is the cornerstone upon which the entire food service industry is built.

When making a menu, keep in mind...
... the target market
...the proposed price range
...type of meal & service
regional conditions that will affect availability & price?
...staff, equipment requirements
Nutritional requirements & expectations
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