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No description

Lizzy Armitage

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Design


Lizzy Armitage, Samantha Brizuela, Adil Ghanty, Sam Harris, Sam Nicholls, Martin Woodhall

Ken Ridgeway and Qing Wang BRIEF Flat packed
6m² maximum floor area
Achieve 7.5m² growing area
Produce a high yield at a quick rate
Protection from adverse growing conditions RESEARCH Intensive Cultivation System GROWTH MECHANISM Reduce amount of Food Miles
Produce enough organic food
Reduce the use of fossil fuels
Protection from low harvests To design a domestic scale intensive cultivation system that could provide sufficient salad/vegetable crops for a family of four for six months of the year USER REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATIONS FRAME AND AXLE Requirements:

Support at least 600kg
Easy to flat-pack and assemble
Low cost


Round Bar 40mm diameter
Steel frame made from 40mm
box sections bolted together FRAME FRAME WHY? 80g x 4 people x 1/2 a year
≈ 60kg for 6 months BUDGET Production Cost < £1500 Soil vs Alternative Mediums Hydroponic vs Drip System Tray Design 60kg/(approx 8kg per m2)
≈ 7.5 m² growing area 1) Germination Phase Net Pot – 8cm
Cost: £10 for 50 Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA) Balls
Volume ~ 100 litres for life (40kg)
Cost: £8.99 for 50 litres Rockwool Cube - 1”
~100 needed per cycle
Cost: £5.99 for 150 cubes 3) PLANTATION GROWTH MECHANISM 0.9m Path Radius 4 SALAD and 2 ROOT WHAT IS AN

Larger amount of Produce TEMPERATURE CONTROL
LED LIGHT Optimal day/night temp - 18°C/5°C
Electric bio green Montana 1kW heater
Heater cost £29 Heating and cooling systems Automatic system
White aspirated box
Max-Min thermometer - £15
Standardized thermometer
£55 Heater Fan setting on heater
Circulate air
Automatic vent window openers
Solar powered
£14 per unit (3 recommended) 99% efficient at plant growth
No heat produced
80,000-100,000 hours
Medium light plants 15W bulbs
2 LED bulbs recommended
£30 each 6 hours of darkness
18 hours of light
6W bulb - 0.006 KWh
£1.68 running cost per bulb per year BED DESIGN SALAD CROP BED Bed without top piece
Channels allow water to run past the plants' roots Bed with top piece
Individually grow plants The HydRotate SHALLOW DEEP END HEXAGON Fully assembled rotating hexagon Bolts together from small pieces to allow easy flat packing 6 beds Retail Price = £1700 FRAME AND MOTOR SUMMARY COSTS Set-up Pack = £75 for one cycle
Watering System = £60
Lighting and Heating = £130
Frame = £380
Motor = £460
Beds = £300 HydRotate HydRotate TOTAL = £1405 CO2 ENRICHMENT Increasing CO2 between 1000-1500ppm increases yields by up to 33%

More uniform yield quality with quicker maturity Deeper bed designed to grow root vegetables ROOT VEGETABLES BED BED SUPPORT Steel support allows use of thinner plastic and cheaper costs At 1000ppm people with asthma
may have some symptoms.

1600ppm and below is safe for
healthy person. WATERING SYSTEM Requirements:
Provide nutrients and water to all plants

A constant flow of nutrient solution refreshing a nutrient film in each bed one at a time Image: Gericke, William F. The Complete Guide to Soilless Gardening. 1940. p190 Image: Gericke, William F. The Complete Guide to Soilless Gardening. 1940. p20 Image: http://www.hydroponics101.com/sw58028.php NUTRIENT FILM TECHNIQUE Image ecosustainablevillage.com.ip01-web23.net   Estimated Maximum Cost




£10 Reservoir – 80 Litre

Water Pump (Low Flow Rate)
around 6L/minute

Air Pump + Air Stone

Feed + Catcher System for Beds
Feed Hose
Catcher - Simple PVC Pipework 3-4m COMPONENTS NUTRIENT SOLUTION Concentration maintained at reservoir via:

pH measuring - crude but not expensive
electrical conductivity - accurate, expensive
if automated LIGHTING LIGHTING Thin Nutrient Film All plants need the same basic nutrient mix

Tailored solutions for each plant increase growth rate All excess water back to reservoir - limited water loss Total <£60 Perlite/Vermiculite Mix
Volume ~ 50 litres for life
Cost: £12 for 50 litres Rockwool Cube 2) Growth Medium LECA Perlite/Vermiculite Mix FRAME FOS = 5.6 AXLE FOS = 8.0 COSTS 40mm box section = £120
40mm bar = £63
Gearbox = £370
Motor = £56
Bearings = £44
Machining = £30

TOTAL = £683
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