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Topic Of Presentation

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Aamir Khan

on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of Topic Of Presentation

Software project Management
Topic Of Presentation
Software Process and Process Model
Aamir Sultan
haris waqar
Safeer Ahmad

Build or Buy
identify high level project risk
When To Use :
Patterns save time because we don’t have to solve a problem that’s already been solved.
Benefits of Design Pattern:

Enhances code readability
- Design patterns help to speed up software development by providing tested development paradigms.
- Besides improving code readability, design patterns allow architects to communicate clearly with well-defined names for enhancing software interaction.

Demerits Of Design Pattern
Patterns do not lead to direct code reuse.
Patterns are deceptively simple.
Teams may suffer from patterns overload.
Integrating patterns into a software development process is a human-intensive activity.

Solutions to specific problems:
- Design patterns offer general solutions to aid in the implementation process, some techniques may be tailored to suit specific needs.
 Simplify the coding process

Enhances software development
- Design patterns help to enhance software reusability and development
That's All From Our Side .................

If You Have Any Question Then Concern
Google We Are Not Google.........

::::::::::::::::::Thnko :::::::::::::::::
Problem is, there are only class relationships as an object is nothing without its class. I've never heard of "object relationships" outside of this book.
uncertainty in requirement

greater the uncetainty at the begaing greater will be the risk
Type Of Uncertainty:

1.Product Uncertainty
how well are the requiremt understood

2.Process Uncertainty:

3.Resource Uncertainty:
unavailibilty of right staff
when to buy or build
view point:
there are two different type of view point
1:in house
2:out source
Choosing Methodolyies and Technologies methodolgies methodolgies describe collection of method
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