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TREO Workflow

No description

Steven Chen

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of TREO Workflow

Website Lead Generation
Map Search Leads
Web User Functionality:
Map search feature akin to Realtor.ca

- Treb IDX, VOW feeds for Toronto
- Preconstruction Data for Toronto
- Crea data for Canada wide Search
- Easy VOW sign in, additional services once user logged in
- Geolocation active to locate where the user currently is for "for sale in my neighborhood" function
- Should we geolocate and distribute map search leads to AOD?
Automated Classified postings
- Phone in leads
- Email in leads
- Website Traffic
- Walk in Traffic

Custom Built Wordpress Site to Encompass Our Map Search Function

- Brokerage Admins are able to update Site with ease
- Content Marketing to drive leads and grow site

The Real Estate Office Workflow
RBC Branch Leads
- RBC promotion once a month giveaway to our database of RBC clients
- RBC promotion, TREO will make first mortage payments on closing, we will Track all RBC leads as office leads in the system
- Website Traffic and exposure
- RBC Brand is Strong
- Promoting TREO App
Walkins/Phone/Other Leads
- Due to strategic office placement throughout high density communities, we experience a high volume of walk ins
- Phone in Leads
- Email in Leads
- Website Traffic
- Partnering with Mortgage Company and Law firms and Accounting Firms to be a one stop shop for Professional services (Potential for plenty of referral business)
- Community Events to increase office exposure to neighborhood (Charity, Fundraising)
Functionality: Cloud enabled, easy to use Power CRM features (Drip Mail, Templates, etc), Powerful Tracking and reporting functions, Open API, Email/Text Notifications

- Leads are automatically routed to Agent on Duty (in appropriate neighborhood, Agent will activate app to indicate on duty status)

- Manual entry and re-Assignment of leads when necessary

- Automated followup, Custom drip mail campaigns for different clients, Automated thank you notices, Bday and Xmas cards for all Office Clients from Brokerage

Agent On Duty Features: All geolocated leads are fed into Neighborhood Pools in CRM, Active Agents can accept or decline in pool

Map Search Features: A system that tells us and our agents client activity from website, so we know what the user was doing prior to engagement

Agent on Duty - Online service
Web User Functionality:
Click on "Locate Agent" Button and be connected via Voice (or text) to one of our nearest geolocated online AOD Agents

Agent User Functionality:
1. Have an app that allows Agent to sign on for active duty and be connected to live AOD Leads from our website


2. Agent must sign in via our CRM, will be listed as active in CRM, be routed calls and texts from geolocated AOD Leads
Lead Sources
TREO Link - Online back office for Mobile Agents
Functionality: Corporate Website for Agents, Built in Wordpress w/ buddypress plugin, With the following Services:

*Signup process for TREO Link also serves as agent registration function for joining our brokerage.

Office Calendar
Upcoming Office events
General Office Annoucements
Happy Birthdays to Agents
Office Directory
Business Directory

(Marketing Resources)
Agent Website Toolkit
Window Listings App
TREO Printzone Shop - One stop shopify store for all TREO branded Signs, Business cards, etc

Gmail Access
CRM access / Wolfconnect
Line 2 Web Fax and Office Phone # access
Office shifts scheduling App - for quick and EZ scheduling of Office/RBC shifts
Mortgage Calculator/Land Transfer Tax/other calculators
GEO Warehouse

Dotloop White Labeled access
Payroll summaries, expense reporting, Online T4As

Access for RBC on duty Agents, Tracking of RBC clients

(Help and Support)
Guide for new agents - Faciliates their OREA training and signing up with up
Office Training Guide for Agents
Technology Training Guides
Help Resources for Agent tools (Dotloop, CRM, etc etc)
Live Chat support for field Agents

Transaction Management - DotLoop
- Central Cloud Document Storage for office
- Paperless Transactions for Agents
- Easy document signing for all brokerage documents
- API allows us to pull data from system
Agent Closing Process
1. Lead Acceptance
a. App and/or Email acceptance w/ decline option that routes lead to next Agent in pool
b. Agent on Duty App - Agent signs in to accept geolocated leads

2. Lead Followup/tracking
a. Agent has lead in CRM and enters followup notes as he/she works with the lead, perhaps a integrated phone system that shows us when the agents contacted the lead

3. Showings App for Agents
a. Agent checks in during showings and uses app to take notes, photos, and videos to share with clients after each showing, with backend office access

4. Client Closing Process
a. Dotloop templates for easy document access and document sharing to outside agents and clients
b. Transparent workflow allows admin to see the deal as it is being worked on
c. Paperless transactions allow for digital documents that flow via API into BW accounting system
d. Customized API pulls closing data from dotloop and compares with Leads Database to ensure office leads are tracked properly and commissions are correct

5. After Deals are closed, thank you emails are sent via crm, Client is added to office dripmail campaign and client followup tools and notifications are provided to the Agent
All Leads Tracked
Phone Leads: Line 2 database API tracking
Email Leads: CRM automated tracking
Web Leads: CRM Automated tracking
Walkin Leads: Manual tracking by Admin
RBC Leads: Manual tracking w/ Audit?
Accounting and Payroll - Brokerwolf
- Data pulled from Dotloop removes up to 75% data entry per deal
- Deal fee includes a discount for dotloop deals due to deal processing efficiency
- Timely and accurate reports/payroll
- Accounting Software reporting allows us to see income from sources of leads seperately
- After Deals are closed, thank you emails are sent via crm, Client is added to office dripmail campaign and client followup tools and notifications are provided to the Agent

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