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Chuck Baird: Artist of Deaf Culture

No description

Kyle Lacy

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of Chuck Baird: Artist of Deaf Culture

Chuck Baird Artist of Deaf Culture Early Life Born in Kansas City, MO in 1947
Parents both hearing, he and his siblings born deaf Attended Kansas School of the Deaf 1951-1967
Studied Art
During this time, painting put in exhibit for public display Went on to attend Gallaudet University and Rochester Institute of Technology
More paintings put on display during this time Chuck Baird is a deaf artist that conveys the beuty of ASL in his paintings Career More exhibits led him to become a professional artist
Work was designed to convey the beauty of sign Also worked for National Theater of the Deaf
Possibly best remembered for his role in the play "King of Hearts" Occasionally released recordings of stories told in ASL Effect on Deaf Culture Not first deaf artist, first to embrace deaf culture
Art represented deaf culture
Showed the richness of their culture Showed the beauty of their language
Spread the beauty nationwide The fact that his art expanded on unexplored areas makes him a great artist
He showed what it means to be deaf Chuck Baird is important because he showed not only what it means to be deaf, but also greatly enriched deaf culture This is why Chuck Baird was and still is an important deaf person Closing Thoughts
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