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The Metamorphosis

No description

Maricela Martinez

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of The Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka Now, about the story... A Little more detail... Characters Quotes to Remember Literary Devices Tone and Mood Significance of Setting Born in Prague in the Czech Republic, Kafka spent his young adult years writing after work. Who is Franz Kafka? Kafka was a Modernist who influenced other genres such as existentialism. He enjoyed writing about psychological brutality and physical transformation. a good example would be... The setting of the story all takes place in the Samsa family apartment.This is significant because it seems to be a pretty awkward place to hide a man who has turned into an INSECT. The entire story is located in his apartment. The only exception is when the Samsas take a trip outside of the country. The most outstanding theme I see is that... Symbolism The Main Characters include...
Gregor Samsa
Grete Samsa
Herr Samsa
Mrs. Samsa " 'That was the voice of an animal' " Pg. 8

"The many dishes illustrate how much time Gregor's father, who is perfectly healthy, spends sitting around eating breakfast and reading various newspapers while his lonely son works to support the entire family." Pg. 9

"It seemed remarkable to Gregor that above all the various noises of eating their chewing teeth could still be heard, as if they had wanted to show Gregor that you need teeth in order to eat and it was not possible to perform anything with jaws that are toothless..." Pg. 26 My personal connection to this novel is that Gregor is tied to his family. He is obligated to keep them financially stable. Like Gregor, I also feel I have a set of debts that I must pay out before I move on with my life. Franz later moved to Berlin to focus on his writing. -born on July, 3 1883- Franz later died of tuberculosis on June, 3 1924 :( His Works The writings were never actually published by Franz. His friend Max Brod published them for him even though Franz wanted the stories to be destroyed. The Metamorphosis Best Seller! Some of his most famous works include...
The Trial
The Metamorphosis
The Castle Theme The Story Plot Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Simile/Metaphor Foreshadowing Flashback Irony This is proven because when Gregor is left unemployed, the family falls apart. When the family members finally get jobs, they fall apart socially. The single "moneymaker" is the lifeline of the family. The Mood in the story varies over time. First, it is Tense. Then, it becomes Melancholy over time.

The Tone of the novel is very Supernatural. Gregor Samsa wakes up in his apartment home to find himself in the shape of a giant roach-like insect. The family needs a singular worker to keep them in an economic balance while he suffers in silence. The family has enough money to sustain them for about a year, and they all eventually get jobs. Gregor just hides in his room and gets fed twice daily. After a band of Lodgers move in to help pay rent, Gregor is found dead in his room by their charwoman. (Maid) The Lodgers are evicted from the home and the Samsas all request a day off to relax The Samsas take a train ride out of the country and decide that it is time that Grete (Gregor's sister) be married. The Lodgers represent the Samsas' inability to control the situation "As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in bed into a gigantic insect" Gregor would stare at the hospital through his window. It began to get blurrier thus foreshadowing his death. Gregor spends his time in bed thinking and reflecting on his sad life as a travelling salesman. His nightmares are a reality and his dreams are forever crushed. He is now insignificant. Not done yet! :) Personification Hyperbole The entire book is a Hyperbole. It is an exaggeration of the entire thought of a man who becomes insignificant. Gregor personifies a human with emotions, but he is in the shape of an insect. Charwoman
Lodgers Gregor- The protagonist. He is the guy who keeps his obligations.

Grete- A sweet girl who once loved Gregor as a sibling, but she is changed by Gregor's transformation.

Herr(Mr. Samsa)- An emotionally broken business failure.

Mrs. Samsa- a Frail and distressed mother. Personal Connection One more thing... Thanks for the attention!
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