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City of Ember Book Report KH

Katrina H.

Core One

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of City of Ember Book Report KH

The City Of Ember Author: Jeanne Dupray
Hey so what's the Genre?? The Genre of this book is Science Fiction. There is a possibility of this story to happen in real life. Main Characters Lina Mayfleet: Lina has a very important role in this book. She plays a citizen of Ember who gives hope to a new world.
Lina is a messenger. A messenger is a person who delivers messages to other people. Take notice that in Ember there is no such thing as celphones or computers. She is also related to the 7th mayor of Ember. (Her great, great, great, great, great grandfather. Doon Harrow Doon also plays an important role in the book. He plays a boy who his really anxious, and totally interested into finding some sort of egress out of Ember, and into a new world. Doon is Lina's classmate, and in assignment day, he switched jobs with Lina so he could be in the pipeworks and not be a messenger. (Doon wanted to work near the generator, so he could fix it.) Mrs. Murdo: Mrs. Murdo is the one who take cares of Lina and poppy. Since their grandma, mom, and dad passed away Mrs. Murdo decided to take care of them. Poppy: Poppy is Lina's baby sister. Lina really cares about her. The Mayor: The mayor is a vicious mayor. He's the one that takes Ember's foods and eats it all away. The mayor is a thief. Setting: The setting of this book is a city named, Ember. Ember is a built-in underground world. The faith of hummanity were layed here to be protected from some sort of catastrophe. However, the rest of humanity didn't know that there was a world out there. Conflict Ember was starting to run out of more food which can lead to famine in Ember.Also the generator which gives light in Ember has been having alot of difficulties. Black outs have started alot since then. SOLUTION Lina and Doon find instructions made by the builders. AKA- the people who built Ember for the cause of saving humanity. The builders left these instructions so the rest of humanity could be lead back out to the real world. They then found a world of lighrt. "A world with no light, Ember" My Opinion and Recommendation I think that this book was an astonishing, thrilling, and interesting. Why? Well because, the story was really creative. The book makes you think about how it would be to live a life underground. This book also had a good moral lesson. That lesson is to be thankful for what you have. Others like in The city of Ember barely had great foods to eat. I recommend this book for all ages and for those who love thrilling adventures. "They only relied on their light" "Humanity was missing out on the beauty of nature." The Believers: The believers believed that there was an egress out of Ember. They sung songs about finding a way out. They had hope to an egress out of Ember. The instructions were passed down from mayor to mayor. The instructions were kept in a metal secure box. The buliders made thebox open in 200 years. Unrtil one day, when Lina's great great grandfather was mayor he passed away and the box was kept somewhere in Lina's house. 200 years passed as the box open, then Lina found the instructions. The box
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