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Nov 18 2013 TKAM chapter 24

No description

Mark Gardner

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Nov 18 2013 TKAM chapter 24

Choose your seat wisely please have:
Your TKAM, opened to Chapter 24
Your Homework (tan sheet)
A loose piece of notebook paper
On that notebook paper, write the five most important details you remember from your reading of Chapters 22 and 23 over the weekend.
I can read to identify stated and implied main ideas.
page 228:
What are Jem and Dill doing that Scout cannot participate in?

What is happening in the Finch household today?

Who are the Mrunas?
PAGE 229:
What is so funny about the way Scout is dressed today?
PAGE 230:
In what way are the ladies "picking on" Scout?
PAGE 231:
Mrs. Merriweather says that the community should just “forgive and forget.” Who is she talking about, and what should they “forgive” and “forget”?
PAGE 232:
What are some of the statements that the ladies make that prove they are racist?
PAGE 233:
Find the line Miss Maudie says that shuts the other women up. What does she say, and what does it mean?
PAGE 234:
Find the paragraph starting with “Hypocrites…” What is Mrs. Merriweather saying?
PAGE 235:
What do Scout and Cal learn has happened to Tom Robinson? Be specific.
PAGE 236:
Miss Maudie and Aunt Alexandra have a heated exchange—though not quite an argument. What, specifically, are they talking about? Pick out one line that Miss Maudie says that you think is particularly important…
Page 237:
Read Chapters 25 and 26
(they're short) and complete your
yellow book
for those chapters.

Check your essay!
I've finished commenting on almost all of them! You can begin revising if you'd like. I will be giving you an editing checklist tomorrow.
vocab quiz thursday during 6th period
(If I move you, don't give me attitude)
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