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Prezi Ahead

No description

Salma almansouri

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of Prezi Ahead

Prezi Ahead
Introduction To Prezi
What skills do you expect from yourself to learn?
1. Creating new Prezi presentation

2. Writing on a Prezi presentation

3. Inserting objects such as images or regular objects that are available in Prezi

4. Dragging a frame around area wanted the Path to stop and zoom/focus.

5. Setting the items in the order which the presentation items appear (Path).

6. Use object editing tools such as scale and move.
Prezi Weaknesses
* It may cause motion sickness for some users

* It may cause misunderstanding for some learners

* Web-based
Prezi Strengths
* Non-linear presentation

* Free and web-based

* links image and text to movement

* Appropriate for all ages

1. Herb J. (2012) Prezi – Advantages and Disadvantages. retrieved from www.instructionaltechtalk.com in 18/Jan/2014 from http://instructionaltechtalk.com/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-prezi/
2. Kemenzcy, K. (2010) What is Prezi? - The official intro video retrieved from www.youtube.com in 18/jan/2014 from
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