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Effects of Tourism on Boracay Island

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Beatrice Malondras

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Effects of Tourism on Boracay Island

Effects of Eco Tourism on Boracay Island
Beatrice Malondras
Moving Forward
Solution? Preservation efforts?
315 KM south of Manila
Population: 13,000
Tourist spot since the 70's
Peak season: December to April
Administered by the Philippine Tourism Authority and provincial government of Aklan
Was named ‘Best Beach island’ in 2012 by Travel + Leisure magazine

Boracay Island is the "Land of the Atis"
Boracay, Philippines
Positive Effects
+ Development and modernization of community and infrastructure
+Source of potable water & medical assistance
+ Marginal increase in employment
+ Boosts the nation's economy

Negative Effects
- Environmental degradation:
-Climate change, coastal pollution
- Hinders the preservation of the Ati's cultural heritage
- Increase of crime rate:
- Theft, murder, rape, human trafficking,

Behind the relaxation & night life
The case of Dexter Condez
- The Boracay Initiative
- Local government:
Environmental education &
conservation programs
- Zoning & carrying capacity limits
- Ecological Solid Waste Management
Environmental Preservation Efforts
Cultural Preservation Efforts:
- Building community centers for the Atis
- Securing Ati's lands
- Giving them dominance and empowerment in the community
- Strong discrimination amongst the Atis
- 20 out of 200 of Atis are employed
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