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Survey Results

No description

Emilee Lash

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Survey Results

Survey Responses
Question 1
Question 2
How well do you feel you understand the capabilities/limitations of the manufacturing processes in your facility?
Question 4
How often do you currently use SharePoint?
Questions 6
Question 7
In your opinion, what cost savings could be experienced by the organization if all design engineers designed within our normal operating condition? (per year)
Survey Response
In your opinion, how should Manufacturing Engineering prioritize the following?
Possible Responses
Reducing cost
New technology and processes
Communicating manufacturing capabilities to design engineers
Creating a combined annual budget for manufacturing engineering
Training, learning and certification of manufacturing engineering
Standardization of processes across facilities
Sharing manufacturing know-how between facilities
Improving and upgrading existing equipment and processes
Question 3
At this point in time, how effectively do you feel manufacturing information is being communicated to design engineers?
Question 5
The top priorities of Manufacturing Engineering are:
Improving and upgrading existing processes and equipment
Reducing costs and sharing manufacturing knowledge between facilities
Communicating manufacturing capabilities to design engineers
We feel marginally confident in our knowledge of processes and machines, having all the information in one easy to access place would be nice.
We feel we are just "okay" at communicating manufacturing information to engineering
SharePoint is currently being used much less than we would like to see
The site should focus on:
Driving consistency in Engineering Design and Manufacturing Engineering
Current state assessment of Manufacturing Processes
We feel that engineering will only use the fully developed site if it will benefit them
Expected cost savings could reach over $250,000
Possible Responses
I know it can make fancy shapes in metal, but that's about it.
I go ask someone with thick glasses whenever someone asks me about a process.
I understand most of what goes on, but there are too many machines to remember everything.
I understand every piece of equipment and have access to all the important details.
I have memorized every parameter for every machine in the building.
Possible Responses
Not at all effectively
Not very effectively
Quite well
Very effectively
Possible Responses
A few times a week
Once a week
Once a month
Hardly ever
In your opinion, what is the likelihood that a design engineer would utilize a fully developed manufacturing knowledge base?
Possible Responses
Not at all
If design rework is required
If time permits
For every design decision
Possible Responses
Please rank, in order of importance, what you feel the benefits would be from having a tool like the manufacturing knowledge base?
Possible Responses
Drive consistency and standardization in engineering design
Information sharing across facilities
Drive consistency and standardization in manufacturing engineering
Current state assessment
Error reduction in part design
Information resource for manufacturing engineering procedures
Learning tool for manufacturing support staff
Democratic selection of which projects/initiative to approve
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