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My Family Tree

No description

Molly Brown

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of My Family Tree

Molly Bridget Brown
b. July 10, 1989 Cleveland, Ohio
Bridget Teresa Neil
Jennifer Siobhan Neil
b. May 15, 1961Cleveland, Ohio
b. December 17, 1928 in Achill, Ireland
Moved to Scotland at 14 to pick potatoes
Moved to England to nanny at 16, Pneumatic fever
Immigrated to United States in 1948, proud of roots
Oldest of five
Adopted two children
Nursing School after children were in High School
Psychiatric Nurse at VA in Cleveland
Always singing
Doris Jane Brown
b. January 22, 1935 in Cleveland, Ohio
Dropped out of school at 16
Military wife
Family focused
Loves bowling, puzzles, and baking
Arthur Elwood Neil
My Family Tree
Master's Degree in Nursing
Nurse Practitioner
Passion for the arts and traveling
Loves golf and sand volleyball
Richard David Brown
b. June 1, 1957 in South Dakota
Richard Brown
b. ___ in Bay Village, Ohio
~d. 2010
Rough Family Life
Army and Navy Veteran
Truck Driver
PTSD and Depression
Juanita Mercedes Peterson
b. August 19. 1901 in Bradner, Ohio
~ d. April 23, 1996
Soft spoken
Did housework for family
Had a temper
Passion for music and art
Emma Olga Weiss
b. February 5, 1910 in Germany
~ d. 1995
Resented Doris
Frank Reihs (Franz Reiss)
b. February 25, 1904 in Mehlauken, East Germany
~ d. February 19, 1980
Helping personality, laidback
Too young to be drafted
Only member of family to come to USA
William Brown (Borcherding)
Alcohol Abuse
Owned Beer and Sandwich Shop in Cleveland
Changed last name
Kathleen Gallagher
Never came to United States due to pregnancy
One of twelve children
Moved to United States in 1891, Scranton PA
Mother died in childbirth, Father remarried
Issues with Stepmother
Music was important, taught all of her kids

b. 1890 d. 1938
Died at 48: Congenital Heart Disease
printer, own company: Neil Composition Co., Cleveland, OH

Walter Neil
Contractor/foreman in Belfast/England (Wimpy's)
One of seven children
Played fiddle
Alcohol Abuse
Bachelor's Degree: Mortuary Science
Cytology Lab Tech. at CCF for 25 years
Avid runner/marathoner
b. November 12, 1908 in Achill, Ireland
~d. 1975, In Oxford, United Kingdom
b. June 4, 1900 in Cleveland, Ohio
~ d. June 18, 1982
Anthony Gallagher
b. Achill Island
Cared for Bridget Teresa after fire
Mary Grealis
Achill Island
Margaret Carney
Achill Island
Michael Gallagher
Achill Island
Peter Grealis
Achill Island
Judy McMannamon
Achill Island
Hughie McMannamon
Achill Island
b. December 16, 1873 in Mehlauken, Germany
~ d. February 7, 1956

Marie Charlotte Weiss
Gustav Ferdinand Reiss
b. June 17, 1869 in Mehlauken, Germany
~d. c. 1919~1920 in Siberia
Served in German Army before WWI
Kindhearted, laidback
Worked on German Railroad
Captured by Prussian troops
Gustav Weiss
Olga Weiss
Vivian Peterson
Jenny Peterson
b. November 27. 1926 in Cleveland, Ohio
~ d. 2005
U.S. Army Veteran
Printer (Judson Brooks)
Cleveland Baseball fanatic
Always positive
Trombone; Dance band
Mary McCutchon
b. 1890 in Scotland,
~d. 1988 in Cleveland, Ohio
Thomas Horan
b. May 25, 1903 in Achill, Ireland
~d. May 25, 1974
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