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The Hunger Games By: Ryan Brittain

No description

Ryan Brittain

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of The Hunger Games By: Ryan Brittain

The Hunger Games By: Ryan Brittain Why did you select this novel to read? I chose to read the "Hunger Games" because I heard it was a very good book and I thought it sounded interesting. I also wanted to try to experience different kinds of reading because I usually only like one section of books. What kind of journey does the protagonist take throughout the novel- physical, emotional or spiritual? Or, perhaps, more than one of these? Is the protagonist an example of a true hero? In what ways does he or she hold up the expectations of a hero? In what ways does he or she not uphold these expectations? What obstacles does the protagonist face? Does he or she face fantastical creatures, for example, or battle complex emotions? Both? How does the author manage to grab your interest throughout their novel? Is it full of suspense, perhaps, or some other kind of excitement? Defend your argument with examples from the text. Why might the author have chosen to publish this novel? Predict their purpose and explain. What does the novel reveal about the protagonist's culture? Describe something you learned about yourself while reading the novel. What is your favorite quote from the novel? Why did you choose this quote in particular? Write a brief recommendation letter to your class. Why should they read this novel? I believe the author chose to publish this novel because they wanted to make it known and wanted to make it into some money from them. I predicted that Suzanne's purpose is to entertain people because she uses suspense and action to grab our attention and leaves many mysteries for us to try and solve. My favorite quote was, “Scores only matter if they’re very good, no one pays much attention to the bad or mediocre ones.” -Portia. I chose this quote because it gives me inspiration to always do my best. It also causes me to think about my future and how important now depends on the rest of my life. I learned that if you want something you need to go get it with all your power. It doesn't matter what obstacles you have to achieve if you want it just don't give up and do your best. Yes, I believe Katniss is a true hero. She is a hero because she stood up for what she believed is right and has the courage to take the position of her sister in the games. She stood up in front of her whole society and stayed true to herself through it all. Even through her rough times, she still endured and never gave up. Obstacles that Katniss faces are through the other characters, her government, finding sponsors and the actual battle of Hunger Games. Her emotions are effected by these obstacles but her endurance and couarge overcome this and she ends up winning the Hunger Games and solving her problems. The author managed to grab my interest throughout the novel through their suspense and the action in the novel. In the novel, one example is when you are unsure of whether or not Katniss will save Peeta or will she win the games? These are some examples of suspense in the novel and it causes you to want to read on. Katniss went on many journeys mostly physical, but she also had emotional and spiritual. The reasons for this are the physical journey was the actual Hunger Games, emotional was all the emotions and feelings she had to overcome. She was physically fighting to stay alive and stand up for what she believed was right. Emotionally Katniss was battled with many emotions she had her up and downs and had to overcome people's opinions of her and what was going through her mind. The author reveals that Katniss comes from a difficult place where she has to work for what she has, and she has to overcome diversity and controversy. In her culture, if you don't work for your food, you will likely die from starvation. I believe that people should read this novel because this book taught me more about life and how some people live everyday working just to survive. I also believe that they should read this because the suspense and action keep story interesting and it was a exciting book to read. The reader will also learn a lot about life and will open them up as reader. Suzanne Collins
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