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The Blue Helmet - William Bell

No description

James Huynh

on 8 January 2016

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Transcript of The Blue Helmet - William Bell

The Blue Helmet
James Huynh
William Bell
Major Characters
Lee Mercer
15 year old high school dropout
Main protagonist and antagonist
Fighting within himself
Bruce Cutter
Lee's best friend
Used to be a peacekeeper
Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder
Plot Summary
Rising Action
Falling Action
Minor Characters
Aunt Reena
- Lee's aunt who lives in Toronto; Owns the cafe
Doug Mercer
- Lee's father; constantly absent
Marchi Carpino
- Police officer; friend of Lee's father
- Pharmacist that Lee works for; introduces Lee to Cutter
Abe Krantz
- friend of Lee's; amateur meteorologist
Lakshmi Smith
- Lee and Cutter's lawyer
- Lee's old girlfriend
Blue Helmet
Symbol of peace
Represents the choice of the "green helmet or the blue helmet"
Cutter's hope for peace
Child's Bloodstained Boot
Symbol of violence
Evil that Cutter sees in the world
Reason for Cutter's insanity
The innocence of civilians during war
War has no guilt
The opening scenes are in Hamilton
Auto shop
Mercer apartment
Sombre and hostile atmosphere
The main setting is Toronto
Reena's Cafe
The house on 13th Street (Cutter's house)
Lee Mercer's mom died from cancer, and his father is always busy working two jobs.
He wants to join a gang called the Tarantulas.
He is required to break into an auto shop, but is arrested by Marchi Carpino, a friend of Lee's dad.
Lee is expelled from school, and is sent to Toronto to live with his aunt, Reena.
Carpino says that if he returns to Hamilton, he will go to jail.
Lee tries to run away, but is unsuccessful.
Lee works as a courier.
He meets and befriends a man named Cutter.
Lee gets into a fight at the cafe. Cutter scolds Lee for this.
One day Cutter's home is taped off. Lee is told he committed suicide.
Cutter left his belongings to be inherited by Lee.
Lee investigates Cutter's home and learns that Cutter was part of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force. He reads documents and journals of Cutter's past.
Lee begins to realize that violence is irrational.
He finds two objects:
Bloodstained boot
Blue peacekeeping helmet
Lee returns home one evening to find his apartment being robbed. He fights the robber.
He is about to throw the robber down the stairs, but stops himself.
He realizes that he has changed.
Lee takes responsibility for his past wrongs.
Apologizes to Beth, his old girlfriend.
With the help of Lakshmi, Cutter's lawyer, Lee pays off his father's debt.
Returns to Hamilton to speak with Marchi Carpino about turning himself in.
Lee's attitude is more friendly and helpful.
With a clean slate, Lee begins his new life.
Lee and Reena convince his father to move to Toronto and live with them in Cutter's old house.
Individual vs. Society
Individual vs. Individual
Individual vs. Self
Cutter is conflicting against society.
He is against the idea of war being an answer to conflicts.
"Fighting for peace is like shouting for silence" (117)
"They taught us in school that wars were fought to end evil... but it was all lies" (80)
Lee has never been exposed to peace.
He is aggressive and gets in a lot of fights.
Lee solved all of his problems by fighting.
"It's not like I go around looking for fights... Which wasn't really true. When I had been trying to get in the Tarantulas I had done exactly that" (75)
Lee has had many situations where he had to choose between violence and peace.
Lee struggles to change his violent nature within himself.
Lee Mercer
"When the darkness comes, from inside or outside... you have two choices, the green helmet or the blue one. You can join the war, or you can keep the peace" (136).
Bruce Cutter
Cutter was driven insane by his mind.
In the end, he took his own life to get away.
"He had gone off to a violent, far-off place to make peace, and he had brought the war home with him, in his mind, a bloodless wound deeper than any bullet could go." (164)
When conflict arises, you can either fight it with violence or resolve it with peace.
Peace will never come out of war.
Theme Connection
Syrian Civil War
Began in March 2011
Uprising against government
Over 120 000 deaths
Over 4 000 000 displaced
Over 2 000 000 fled the country
A missile strike was planned by the US.
Would ultimately make things worse
"He had travelled into the centre of a terrible darkness, he had seen what nobody should ever have to see, and he had never really made it back." (126)
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