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Printing facts and tips

Some facts about printing and tips for reducing printing

Rebecca Barrington

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Printing facts and tips

Printing Facts and Tips Click on the arrow at the bottom of the page to move through the content Tips to reduce YOUR printing Tips on MFD use Before you release your printing.. Save queuing Look after our MFDs Use technology Check before you print.. Long documents Use Printing Services In the Autumn term... In December... Did you know... Some facts... We spent over £100,000 on printing It costs you over 3 times more to print a colour sheet compared to a black and white sheet of paper... Staff spent over £15,000 on printing For every double-sided printed sheet you will save at least 2p. Always use print preview - check there isn’t a blank page on the screen.
- Why waste 4p to print a blank piece of paper?
- How many times have you printed lots of blank pages from Excel? Use the ‘set print area’ or ‘print selection’ tools to only print the information you want. Next time you print a long document, try using the ‘pages per print’ option on the printing dialogue box.

You can choose to print 2 pages of the document per A4 sheet and is often still big enough to read. Could it go onto Moodle instead?

Do students need a copy of the presentation slides? If some really want them, ask who wants print outs rather than always provide one for everyone. Or let them print it for themselves.
If it is a long document or multiple copies - send it to Printing Services.
Don't make others wait ages for your printing to finish Report any issues with it to Printing Services (don't wait for someone else to do it) We printed over 2 million pages Which is equivalent to 136 trees according to http://treehouse.i-hmc.co.uk/calculator/ The top 20 people who printed the most pages printed MORE than Printing Services did for the rest of the college ...even if you only have one dot of colour By requesting through printing services we will also look for more efficient ways of printing.

Consider an A5 booklet instead of A4 and stapled (saves half the paper and ink).
Reduce the number of pages in the document. Very often, changing the margin size and some font sizes / line spacing can make the difference between 1 or 2 pages on a document. Make your meetings paperless. Every classroom and main meeting room has a projector. Present the information and send the electronic file as a link instead.
How many meetings have you been to when you have thrown the documentation away after the event? Check the cost
If you are only expecting one sheet of paper and it costs over 4p you are printing more than you need!

Practice your maths skills before you press release (and encourage your students to do the same!) Compress your pictures!
Pages of pictures take ages to go through the printer due to file size of the images. A few clicks on your computer before you press print will save you time.
In Word or PowerPoint click on one of the images
Click on the formatting tab and then click on 'compress pictures' in the top left.
Press OK and your document size will be smaller and quicker to print. Treat them gently to prevent breakages (and prevent downtime to wait for fixing) Keep the MFD areas clear of paper. Throw away any spare paper or paper packets. For advice and support on printing ask at Printing Services or in the LRC
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