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SLA GTRIC Innovation Award


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Transcript of SLA GTRIC Innovation Award

Providing greater access to materials without negative impact to staff Supporting our institution’s mission Immediacy: “Expectation economy” and time-sensitive value Budget and time constraints (57% budget cut in FY10)

Meet the growing information needs of internal and external users Providing greater access to materials without negative impact to material Educating internal and external users and potential users about the value of information Our Eight “Better Than Free” Generative Values Of Digitization:

•Patronage Personalization: Delivery tailored to needs and proficiency of user Interpretation: Access to everything can be just as useless as access to nothing Authenticity: Reinforcing the perception of providing original, unaltered information Accessibility: Elbowing our way into an increasingly agile and mobile world Findability: Providing access means nothing if users cannot locate it Embodiment: Becoming a trusted source for and protector of primary resources Patronage: The only thing better than free is more of it – Keep them coming back for more CALIFORNIA HIGHWAYS
(1924-1967) AUTOMATED PROCESSES: Automating News & Information: Paper.li, Twitterfeed Metro Research Library, Archive and Records The Dorothy Peyton Gray Transportation Library and Archive is one of the most comprehensive transit operator-owned library resources in the United States. As the only multimodal transportation library in Southern California, we serve employees, the public, governments and research institutions. Preserving original content without limiting consumption Accommodate increasing demands in the Measure R era Thinking about digitization and social media: News and Information
Resource Sharing
Social Networking The Los Angeles Transportation Headlines: Define yourself before others define you Blog + RSS feed + Email subscription = Success Nearly 8 years later, still going strong News and Information: Blog
Paper.li It all started with news - about our agency How can we lessen the burden?
RSS, Readers
Blog RSS, email subscription, links from other tools and webpages Other disseminators began repurposing our news Repurposing existing Library 1.0 Tools into something more compelling Anniversaries & Facts
resources becomes
Primary Resources calendar The calendar offers us an opportunity to promote other resources associated with that date, as well as extracted resources from the digitization project. Continue Headlines (Google Reader going away,
so challenges are always present even after you automate and refine) QUESTIONS? We did a lot of this alone, but we certainly have thrived because of the experiences and support from LA as Subject, SLA-TRAN and other information professionals we work with. Providing context for complex social, political, historical nature of transportation NEWS & INFORMATION Paper.li Integrating Everything June 8, 2013 General Transportation
Research Information Committee Innovation Award Presentation http://prezi.com/fjpj78zxehhg/ To view this Prezi later:
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