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Invention of headphones

Luke Watts

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Headphones

Uses of the early headphone. An improvement of sound quality A Focus on Portability Although ear bud technology was available since the eighties, Apple popularized the earbud in 2001, bundling the white earpieces with the first iPod.
Later in it's lifespan, companies began to make IEMs (Inner-Ear Monitors), that use a small plastic or foam tip inserted into the ear canal, delivering superior sound, portability and pricing for bands and consumers alike The concept of headphones was developed
by a man called Nathaniel Baldwin. He based his invention on the earpiece, used by early radio operators. Since amplifiers and speakers didn't exist yet, a small earpiece or headphone was the only way to listen to artificial sound.

He built his first example in his kitchen, while working at a Hydroelectric plant. He was experimenting with amplifying sound with air compressors. He built and sold the first example of headphones to the US Navy in 1910. They were never patented, because they were deemed "trivial" The early headphone was used for precise radio work which required a sensitive ear. The sound quality was crude, and keeping them on often meant uncomfortable clamping to the head with no padding.

Early headphones could shock the user if they touched the bare connections leading to the radio A Jazz musician, named John C. Koss, made some headphones of his own, He found a way to make stereo headphones. He changed the audio industry forever, allowing for 2 channel sound to simulate sounds coming from the left or right In the early eighties, Sony thought that headphones had to portable. In 1979, They launched the Sony Walkman, including a pair of lightweight Sony MDL-3L2 headphones, allowing for people to listen to music anywhere.
However, their later escapades with neckband headphones didn't work so well. Sitting in your ear INVENTION OF HEADPHONES Concept. Brandes brand "Superior" headphones, circa 1920 A Fisher 500 AM/FM hi-fi receiver from 1959 The world's first stereo headphones, by Koss The MDL-3L2, including with the TPS-L2 Walkman, weighing under 50g A later revision of Apple Earbuds A pair of Logitech UE200s, an example of a consumer grade IEM.
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