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HKSocial March 2014: WhatsApp & Crowdsourcing

Special Guests: Aurza

Jay Oatway

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of HKSocial March 2014: WhatsApp & Crowdsourcing

Social Media
Marketing Brief
Marketing With WhatsApp & Facebook

While these two are mostly used to stay in touch with friends and family, hundreds of small business owners in India are using them in tandem as tools to drive marketing and sales.
Services allow businesses to send bulk messages beyond the limit of 50 users set by WhatsApp.
Services allow businesses to send bulk messages beyond the limit of 50 users set by WhatsApp.
In HK, services offered for a price between HK$0.4/user for text to HK$3.5/user for short video. Gets cheaper at large scale -- cheaper than SMS.

But your spam factor goes way up!
In HK, services offered for a price between HK$0.4/user for text to HK$3.5/user for short video. Gets cheaper at large scale -- cheaper than SMS.

But your spam factor goes way up!
No ads, no games, no gimmicks…
Despite the fact that while people are more and more connected and hardly ever very far from a screen of some sort, they are increasingly harder to touch.
“…attention is a zero sum game; every minute spent in Snapchat or LINE or WhatsApp is a minute not spent in Twitter or Facebook or Instagram.”
The mobile media industry might end up looking a lot like the old order, with internet conglomerates owning different services aimed at different audiences: if Facebook is Disney… then Instagram is the Disney Channel (the kids love it!) and WhatsApp is ESPN (everyone loves it!)
The Secrets of
Effective Crowdsourcing
WhatsApp ranks as the top communications app in only three of 13 Asian countries tracked - Hong Kong, India and Singapore.
WhatsApp was third in Indonesia, second in Malaysia -- both huge FB markets
HKSocial: Helping Solve The Digital Marketing Equation
Still #1
in Asia!
According to the latest report released by EMR Asia, a specialist marketing recruitment firm
Digital Marketers in Asia claim they are active contributors on the networking platform, frequenting at least once a week
Is WhatsApp the new SMS direct marketing channel?
Put those phone numbers in your data base to work...
Social Media Marketing
is also about Sales
And Client
Relationship Management

The inherent advantage that WhatsApp enjoys (that SMS doesn't):
Automatically adds people from your phone’s Contact list, who are already on the WhatsApp network (there is no opt-in friend request that needs to be sent out).

This means that the moment you exchange numbers with a potential client or customer and add her to your contact list, they automatically become a part of your WhatsApp network.
Thereafter the communication channel with the other party is pretty much open 24/7.

Schedule meetings, share industry updates through infographics, exchange business gossip, fuel rumours about corporate movements; inform them about relevant events or even to negotiate & finalize business deals.

And all this happens at each other’s convenience, thanks to the asymmetric nature of these communication channels. This particularly comes in handy when these conversations happen across time zones, apart from help one save on international roaming.

One of the key reasons the clients prefer this route is the urgency it provides. The immediate notifications generated by these messages, creates pressure to get a quicker response.

Unlike email, on WhatsApp not only do you know when a message has been read but it also tracks the last time an user was active on WhatsApp – this makes it much harder for either party to feign ignorance.

Use FB For Reach
WhatsApp as channel for real-time and customer service
WhatsApp as channel for real-time and customer service
Jessica Stephens & Stephanie Holland
Send your WhatsApp message in form of discount coupon, allowing message receiver to enjoy a discount/free sample whenever he/she shows the virtual coupon. A very popular approach to attract new customers/clients.

Send your message in form of video, such as a movie trailer, to attract new customers/clients.

Include link, pictures, emoji in the message to increase the attractiveness to general audience.
WhatsApp Marketing Ideas
WhatsApp Coupon
WhatsApp Multimedia

[D+D] has a track record stretching back more than 20 years, bringing the Asia Digital Marketing Association (ADMA) and the Hong Kong Direct Marketing Association (HKDMA) together with a number of other relevant industry groups regionwide such as the Direct Marketing Association of Singapore (DMAS), HK Social, the China Direct Marketing Association (CDMA), Web Wednesday Hong Kong and others.

D+D offers tremendous value to its members, including:
• Sponsorship opportunities to raise awareness of your brand
• Discounted rates for regional events
• Access to 2-3 industry networking events per month
• Discounted enrolment fees for offered digital marketing qualifications
• Free listing in online membership directory
• Free pdf copy of the annual Fact Compendium Summary
• Opportunity to join Working Groups & Committees
• Plus many more opportunities
March 2014
HKSocial has joined forces with [D+D] – the new digital and direct marketing association of Asia. [D+D] leadership and members include many of the region’s senior leaders and companies from across the marketing ecosystem including marketers, publishers, agencies, research and technology solutions providers.

New Business Trend: clients prefer to initiate and carry out business conversations over WhatsApp, either on an individual basis or by creating group chats for all project members.
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