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Horrible Harry at Halloween


Beckie Kubiaczyk

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Horrible Harry at Halloween

Horrible Harry
at Halloween
Vocabulary By Suzy Kline Chapter 2
Water, Water Everywhere Chapter 3
Halloween Day Appreciate Centaur Stethoscope Centrifugal Force Distract Centrifugal Force Experiments Ghoul Chapter 1
What's Harry Going to Be? A scary Halloween creature. Sometimes
said to be a grave robber. A dead body
Can be an animal or human A quick experiment we can do:
You will need a string, a cup, and a ball
Connect the string to the top of the cup. You may need an adults help to poke two small holes across from one another
Put the ball in the cup
Swing it around your head! to be grateful for something, to say thank you a mythical creature that is
half horse, half man A tool doctors use to listen to your heart to angrily tell someone
what to do Scolded A test to find out how something works or
operates; usually done in science Loch Ness Monster Corpse Cackled Snickered A half-laugh A harsh laugh that almost sounds
like a cry. Usually very loud. Prevent someone from giving
full attention to something http://soundbible.com/tags-cackle.html Click here for fun sounds! A famous sea creature in Scotland that has only been "seen" a few time. Some say that it is a myth and the creature never existed. Watch this episode of Phineas and Ferb based on the Loch Ness monster! A science term that explains that feeling you get when your mom turns a corner in her car really fast and you feel like your are being pulled to one side Accidentally not meaning too Curious to wonder Disguise to look different by changing or adding something Kodiak Bear http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/brown-bear/ A type of brown bear

Check out this site for more information! Surgery What a doctor does when they go inside of a person to fix or hopefully make them better Chapter 4
Harry Arrives! Matter-of-fact Straightforward and
sticking to the facts Business to get to work Sergeant A rank used by police officers and the military to show how important someone is Chapter 5
The Case of the Missing Pixie Dust Occupation Jester someone's job
or what they do for
a living a person who makes other people laugh Response Categories to answer or reply groups that things that are alike are put in to sort Headpiece Businesslike something you wear on your head to act very formal and like a boss
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