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My Yellowstone Experience

No description

Timberly Blackburn

on 25 May 2017

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Transcript of My Yellowstone Experience

We went to school and excited to go to Yellowstone. We got on the buses; left around 8:00 a.m. and didn't get to Yellowstone until like 6:00p.m. Then we got put into our cabins; cooked dinner; and went to bed.
2nd Day
We woke up around 6:00 a.m. Well most of us. While Mya and Taylor were cooking we got ready for the day. We went on hikes and got to see Mammoth Hot Springs. After our day with Virginia, we went back to our cabins.
3rd Day
4th Day
We woke up, had breakfast, and packed our clothes and put them in the bus. After we all got on the bus we went to the Yellowstone Shop, We spent like almost a hour there! (felt like an a hour) Then we were on our way to home.
I really liked going to Yellowstone. It was fun, and I got to learn new things, about wildlife and the hot springs. I hope i get to go to Yellowstone again soon. It was fun and nice to be somewhere else for a couple days. One thing I learned was when wolves have actions like humans.
when i was in yellowstone
On our way to Yellowstone
We got up earlier than usual because we went to watch wildlife. We saw 1 black bear and 1 brown bear. Then ate lunch; After lunch we played a game, that had a group of ravens, 1 bear, 1 golden eagle, a dead deer, and a pack of wolves. Which ever group of animals got the most beans, won. After lunch, while we went hiking, Virginia told us a story about wolves. Then we went to the cabins; ate dinner. Then got our swimming suits ready, and left to Chico Hot Springs. The water was hot... I had to get out of the water several times. After swimming, we went back to the cabins.
All I wanted to talk about is just being in Yellowstone and what all happen.
Chico Hot Springs
Mammoth hot springs
some more Pictures of Mammoth Hot Springs.
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