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Family Outings

No description

Linda Caudle

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Family Outings

Family Outings
Beneficial to Health, family togetherness, memories and stories that are created will last a life time.
A vacation doesn't have to be over seas or far away but a place that is new to you and your family. It can be active or a place for relaxing but make sure you do it together.
Physical and mental help can benefit from these outings. Go to a lake and bike or when you go to a place like the ocean, go kayaking.
Families nowadays have so many things going on that an outing, be it short or long, is something that will bring them closer together. To become closer you must have things in common and the stories created on outings are sure to give your family that closer bond.
Take pictures so that your memories aren't forgotten and be silly for some of them because outings and vacations are fun not serious.
Some of the best outings occur simply because parents lock the children out of the house and go for a walk through the neighborhood. Make this a weekly occurence and make memmories.
So remember family outings are
conducive to both mental and physical health, the activities help us have stories to share and bond through, we become better families through travel.
In siesta key I realized that the activites we did almost forced us to think in a way we don't have to on a regular basis because the activities you do aren't typically normal.
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