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The Teleological Argument

RS Presentation

Abbie Cheetham

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of The Teleological Argument

AKA THE DESIGN ARGUMENT! What is the design argument? Proposal of the teleological argument Isaac Newton William Paley Proposal of the teleological argument Natural Selection... Evolution Hmm........ The design argument states...
"The world must have a designer"

The world is so technical and it seems like it must have been designed, the best things are very well planned and designed. In that case someone must have designed it- it could not have come about be chance. That designer must be God. There are two famous Christians who proposed versions of the design argument: Isaac Newton, and William Paley.

ISAAC NEWTON (1642-1727)- Was one of the first modern scientists, and he thought that the human thumb was so intricately designed and unique to each person that it had to have a designer. "In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God's existence. God created everything by number weight and measure."

I think the point Newton was trying to put across was that, our bodies are incredible things. If you think about how everything is placed, how everything is so that we can survive. We have an immune system to help prevent nasty flus, colds and diseases more often than we have them now. If it wasn't for that you wouldn't be alive because everyone would be ill all the time!! Even the uniqueness of our DNA is incredible, how everyone is different. It's just to incredible to be a mistake. There are two famous christians who proposed versions of the design argument: Issac Newton and William Paley.

WILLIAM PALEY (1743-1805)- used the idea of a watch to explain that the world didn't appear by chance. In the eighteenth century, the watch was one of the most complicated pieces of machinery made. "If someone was walking across a field and came across a large rock, they would just assume that it has always been there. But if they found a watch lying on the ground, they would assume it was the product of a designer as its many moving parts would not have come together by chance."

I think Paley was trying to say that, the world is like a machine, so complicated that it could not have come into existence by chance. There must have been a designer, and that designer was God. CHARLES DARWIN (1809-1882) challenged the teleological argument with his theory of evolution. He said that all life developed through natural selection- small differences between creatures of the same species can sometimes make one individual slightly better suited to their environment than others. This means it survived longer and had more offspring who inherit that trait. Darwin never tried to explain where everything originated- just how life changed and adapted once it was here. The main stream churches, including the Roman Catholic church and the Church of England, accept evolution. In my opinion the design argument makes a lot of sense. The world is complex and incredible, and the theory of the Big Bang seems a bit strange. How could a Big Bang cause such an incredible world that has changed and adapted over time to be able to do and produce such incredible things. But, then its hard to understand the existence of God since we cannot physically see him or talk to him. This is like the argument from experience, where people argue that although we can't naturally see God, we can experience him through miracles and prayer.
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