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Twenty-one Ballons

No description

Aubrie Albrand

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Twenty-one Ballons

Twenty-one Ballons
By: Willaim Pene du Bois

primary & secondary characters
Primary Characters- Professor Sherman, Mr. F

Seconday Charaters- The Mayor, Mr. and Mrs. M
The plot of the story begins by Professor Sherman building his balloon house. After he is in the air for about 5 weeks his balloon starts to deflate and he ends up crashing on the island Krakatoa. That is when Mr. F finds himself laying naked on the island. He then goes to Mr. F's house for the night. The next day he finds out about the share of diamond mines. After he spends maybe a week on the island the volcano of Krakatoa begins to erupt and they take their balloon house to the closest island where they jump off. Then a boat finds Sherman and takes him back to his home town.
The settings of the story is Krakatoa and San Francisco.
The theme of the story is about a balloonist, Professor Sherman who crash lands on the island of Krakatoa.
The conflict of the story is when Professor Sherman crashes his balloon house on the island of Krakatoa.
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