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Rooms Systems

No description

Daniel Velasquez

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Rooms Systems

System Room This project was carried out in order that children Yshua Education Center, have more knowledge with the computer, so they can use their skills. Promoting digital learning children Yshua Education Center, so that in the future have the skills that the labor market demands. Importance General Objectives A system room is a space where people can have access the use of computers and technology tendences. Daniel Velasquez
Johann Banguera
Pablo Helbert System Room Allow student learning and possess greater knowledge of the use of computers and Internet browsing.
Provide support for tasks and tutoring to improve academic performance of children. Specific Objectives Benefits provided by the living systems are:
Students will not have to go to another place to have access to computers.
Taking the computer room in the institution the students can do their practices and task in the same place.
The children will use their time better learning to use the computer in their spare time. Benefits 6 computers Qbex $ 6'993.000
3 tables wooden double $ 651,261
1 simple table $ 199.900
3 regulators $ 138,000
1 router $ 310,000
1 wireless modem $ 125,000
Air Conditioning (Electro Lux)$ 679.900
Total = $ 9'097.061 Budget Thanks
for your
attention Advantages Disadvantages The advantage of this project is that children may have the use, management and practice of computer. The disadvantages of
system room could include: Technical Damage Electrical Damage
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