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The Country of Tamriel

No description

Logan Austin

on 6 January 2017

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Transcript of The Country of Tamriel

The redguard are ancient race of nords, and now their returning.
There are constant invasions, and the guards in the major cities are putting there lives in danger defending the great town
The solution to the redguard returning is that the redgaurds do not have the proper resources to start a war. and they are invading with the best they have, which is making there recources more scarce and they want Tamerial. They want it cause of its rich resources.
The high king will send the our best soldiers to there homeland and eliminate, or enslave the redguard to stop the constant invasions
The Country of Tamriel
Population-50 million
Divinism is the study of the nine divines, polytheistic
The nine Divines are gods and these gods are gods of separate things.
For our currency we will use a bronze silver gold system where.
Political System
Natural Resources
Founded in 1350 after the Bubonic Plague.
After the epidemic passed a rebel group, the stormcloaks, took over the already weak European Colonies.
The Dark Brotherhood is a new rebel group, and they hate the laws and life styles. The stormcloakes are trying to stop them.
After the stormcloaks gained power the Imperials tried taking over the land.
100 bronze coins = 1 silver coin
100 silver coins = 1 sovereign (gold)
our countries GDP would be about 100 Gold pieces with would be quite a lot in this period of time.
Our contries export metals and we import silk and ivory.
Tamriel is a Monarchy with an emperor.
There are small areas of land in that kingdom where Jarls control sort of like a Mayor.
Tamiriel a mixed economy with market and traditional.
Tamriel is a monarchy because we would like to have a specific family in power that we can trust.
We have a mixed economy in our country because we have free businesses not owned by the government and the people can trade these goods.
Tamriel has a Royal family that is in power and the emperor chooses the Jarls of the town.
By: Damien Warner, Haley Buckles, and Logan Austin
There was also a civil war in Tamerial and now money is low, and resources are low. But we recovered in in 1376.
Our main metals are coal, iron, steel, gold, titanium, silver, aluminum, and lithium.
Our other resources are deer, leather, boar, and fish.
Most of these metals are found in the North Western part of Europe. The deer are found in forest and mountainous areas. Fish are found in many of the rivers.
Tamriel uses the metals and leather to create armor, weapons, and tools for the guards and other workers such as the blacksmith.
The deer, boar, and fish are used for food for the people.
We have a mixed economy which means that we can have two or more different economy mixed together.
Part of the economy will be a market economy so people can run there own businesses without the government influencing what they sell or grow.
The people and other countries will also trade with each other like if Winterhold wants hay and Whiterun wants glass they will exchange the goods equally therefor this is a traditional economy.
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