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W. B. DuBois The Souls Of Black Folks

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Logan Kramer

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of W. B. DuBois The Souls Of Black Folks

The Veil
Very abstract/complex concept
Invisible force of separation between whites and blacks
Metaphorical racial curtain that stands between minorities and majority
Oppressive Force
DuBois explains he is above the veil by not giving it power, but had to step inside it to convey his message
External Struggle

W. E.B. DuBois's book the Souls of Black Folks is an amazing compilation of ideas, stories, and theories related to the inequalities that African Americans had to suffer through.
Main Themes
Double Conciousness
The Veil
The importance of education
Sorrow Songs
The concept of ignorance as bliss
Double Consciousness
Double-consciousness has a direct connection to the veil
Idea that blacks possess two minds: "Negro World" and "American World"
Contradictory and Irreconcilable difference that coexists creating internal conflict
Blacks at that time see themselves the way others see them
Internal Struggle
The Importance of Education
DuBois felt a college education was key to the creation of leaders
Felt assimilation of race through knowledge could happen
Felt power could be gained through knowledge
Encouraged academia through recommendation of black universities
Ignorance as Bliss
DuBois's son dies at age 2 of diphtheria
DuBois shows this theme through the death of his son
Although his infant death is tragic, he realizes his son lived a life that knew no racism, color line, or oppression
He realizes his son didn't have to deal with the veil or double consciousness.
The Sorrow Songs
Known as "Melody of Slave Songs"
Songs of an unhappy people, children born into disappointment
They tell of death and suffering
Very powerful and moving
Represents realistic black culture
Where black folks souls of past and present are found (DuBois Era)
W.E. B. DuBois

The Souls Of Black Folks

Example of Sorrow Song
Questions about DuBois?

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