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Alice Krupitsky and Cheyenne Craig

No description

lib hist

on 3 September 2018

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Transcript of Alice Krupitsky and Cheyenne Craig

Common traits
A characteristic that Clinton romesha has is valor. He has valor because while he was fighting, he was badly wounded and shot in the neck, shoulder, and arms. Despite being wounded so badly, Clinton continued fighting, saving others, and being a leader in the face of danger.
Movie Script
Above and beyond
Setting: Airport/Airplane

Narrator: Clinton Romesha and Kyle Carpenter, two brave men who both received the medal of honor take a trip to Washington DC to receive the medal of honor. They both coincidentally got on the same flight and seats next to each other.

Kyle: So why are you coming here for?

Clinton: To receive the medal of honor, what about you?

Kyle: Congratulations, I am coming for it as well.

Clinton: Congratulations to you to.

Narrator: Kyle and Clinton both begin to have flash backs of the war. They remember what happened to them and what they did. They started to wonder what would happen if they did anything differently, Kyle wondered what would happen if he didn’t save that marines life from the grenade. Then he wouldn't be in the hospital for two years, but the marine wouldn't be okay. Or if Clinton didn't lead the soldiers to victory when he was shot and injured, what if he hid instead of continuing to fight? But they both agree they wouldn't do things any differently,
Clinton Romesha was a soldier in the US army and served there from 1999-2011, about 12 years. He was posted to fight in Eastern Afghanistan but got unexpectedly attacked by about 300 Taliban insurgents. 300 of them was a lot compared to how there were only about 20-30 US soldiers. The situation was so hopeless that most people abandoned their positions but Clinton stayed and led them to victory. While fighting, he was wounded in the neck, shoulder, and arms but still continued fighting and leading. He saved many soldiers while risking his own life by doing so, which shows great valor in his actions. He still remains very humble of his actions despite doing so much.
Alice krupitsky and Cheyenne Craig

-Kyle carpenter was one of the youngest recipients to receive the medal of honor.
-Kyle carpenter was born in Jackson Mississippi, and Clinton Romesha was born in lake city California.
- Carpenters rank is Corporal, Romeshas rank is Staff Sergeant.
- Carpenter was a US Marine, Romesha was in the US Army.
-Carpenter was awarded his medal in 2010, Romesha was rewarded his medal in 2013
- Carpenter served 4 years, Romesha served for 12 years.
- Carpenter grew up in Flo wood, Romesha grew up in Lake City.
- Carpenter is 28 years old, and Romesha is 37 years old.
-They fought in the war in Afghanistan
-President Obama awarded them both the Medal Of Honor
-They received The Medal Of Honor
-They received the Purple Heart
-Graduated from High school
-Their Allegiance is The United States Of America
Kyle Carpenter
William Kyle Carpenter (Mostly known as Kyle Carpenter is one of the youngest medal of honor recipients still living). He received the Medal Of Honor for his devotion, courage, and bold fighting spirit. He risked his life above and beyond the call of duty. One of the wars he served in was The War in Afghanistan. Carpenter was apart of the platoon sized coalition force compromised of two Marine rifle squads partnered with an Afghan National Army squad. The platoon was ordered to disrupt activity, and provide security for the Afghan population. Carpenter and his fellow Marine were on a rooftop security position when the enemy iniated daylight attack. As hand grenades were being launched one landed right next to them. Without hesitation and not thinking about his own life, Carpenter threw himself next to the grenade, to shield his fellow marine from the blast that could have left him dead. When it exploded Carpenters body asorbed the blast leaving him severely wounded.
Clinton Romesha
A characteristic that represents Kyle Carpenter would be Courage. Courage represents him because he risked his own life to shield his fellow Marine by jumping in front of a grenade. The injuries he obstained left him in the hospital for two years with a coma for a couple of weeks and with fractures all over his body.
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