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Among the Betrayed

HBMS students

Madison Mallett

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Among the Betrayed

Among the Betrayed Alia-6
Nina Idi-13 Introductory Info: Plot Summary: Analysis of Characters: Focus on Theme: "Big Idea" Characters Contributions to the "Big Idea" Topic TRUST -In the cruel society they live in, the 3 siblings HAVE to learn to trust Nina throughout their journey. Quote:
-"'Why should you trust me?' she repeated numbly. 'Because...because you're sitting in this horrible prison cell, licking water off the wall and peeing in a corner. And tomorrow, if you're still here, the Population Police are going to execute you. You don't exactly have tons of choices here. I'm your only chance.'" pg. 73 The reader learns about trust by the author's description of their actions.
-"'...And you guys can come, too, if you come NOW.' 'Maybe it's a trick,' Percy muttered. 'Maybe it's a test,' Matthias muttered back." pg. 72 Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix Published: 2002 Purpose: Inform
entertain other BOoks by Haddix: Among the Hidden
Among the Imposters
Among the Barons She was born April 9th 1964. Nina Idi, 13 years old is a third child, which is illegal in the community.
She was accused of something she didn't do, so she was thrown into jail. The Hating Man gave her a job to spare her life. The assignment was to betray 3 third children, gain their trust, figure out if they are really third children, and if so, turn them into the Population Police to be executed. How could she betray kids of her own kind? Will she figure out a way to get out of this sticky situation? Nina Physical Attributes- Quote:
-"Ridiculous that's how she really
looked--ridiculous. How had she forgotten?
She was a gawky thirteen-year-old with thin
braids hanging down on either side of her face.
Even if she'd had the ball gown and the
fold-up fan, they would only have
made her look sillier." pg. 28 Behavioral & Emotional Attributes: Nina is a girl who was willing to do anything for what she believed in, which in this case was her freedom from being illegal. She is a brave, somewhat intellegent, obedient, and considerate girl. Before, her biological family protected her, but now, she has to survive against the real world, with real people, on her own. -Nina has many decisions to face in the book, but, she faces all her troubles by going with faith only in herself. Can Nina even face the decisions she can make? How can she trust herself? Can she survive on her decisions? Psychological Attributes Theme: -How unfairly third children were treated. Third Children Third children were illegal in the community, meaning that the family could only have 2 children. Consequently, there are actually many third, fourth, and even fifth children in the community. Now all of them have to get or make fake I.D.'s so they don't get caught. Nina's greatest fear is that the Population Police will catch her, and in this book, her nightmare comes to life.
-"Nina's wrists and ankles were rubbed raw from the handcuffs and ankle cuffs that chained her to the wall. The skin had been whipped from her back; even the slightest touCh of her shirt against her spine sent pain shrieking through her body. One of her eyes seemed to be swollen shut from the beating. Everything hurt." pg. 2 Quote:
-"But it had felt like a nightmare, being arrested, Nina told herself stubbornly." Step 2: Step 1: pg. 2 Trust is a symbol of LOYALTY According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the word ‘Trust means the ‘assured reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of someone or something.’ So this meaning definitely describes the obstacles the three kids had to endure with in their trust with Nina. A cross is a symbol
of LoYALTY, you have to trust and believe in God. Quote:
-"Because then Nina would talk to them, have to face them, have to look into their eyes while she decided, SHOULD I ASK THEM TO COME WITH ME?" pg. 69 IMPORTANT EVENT- CHANGES IN CHARACTERS- When Nina is first described in this novel, she has many attitudes towards different things. She will act out many stunts in order to stay alive or to not be hurt. But by the end of the story, she gets to the point where she acts herself. Third children TOPIC: Quote:
-"What kind of country thinks it's a betrayal just to be born? Was I supposed to kill myself out of loyalty? Out of patriotism? How is it my fault that my parents had two babies before me?"
pg. 6 THEME:
How Unfairly third children were treated. Step 3: BIBLOGRAPHY: "Googleimageresultsforhttp://images.amazon.com/images/P/0689839057.01.LZZZZZ.Web.1May2010.http://images.google.com/imegres?
imguri=http://iimages.amazon.com/images/P/0689839057.01.LZZZZZ.kpg&imgreful=books-by-margaret-peterson-haddix.html&usg= __5hW3ux2Q4Hf01Tf4Bir-TNNJETI=&h=500&w=346&sz=44&hl=en&start=2&um=1&i>.http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/trust BIBLIOGRAPY CONTINUED:
"Google image results for http://www.sunday-school-ideas-for-new-teachers.com/image-files/cross-template.jpg."Goole Images.N.p., n.d.Web.1 May 2010<http://images.google.com/imegres?imgurl=http://www.sunday-school-ideas-for-new-teachers.com/imagesfiles/cross-template.jpg.&imgrefurl=http://www.sunday-school-ideas-for-new-teachers.com/sunday-school-coloring-pages-cross-template.html&usg-__3-1M6R1jMHiUOUHc>. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Peterson_Haddix REVIEW: Among the Betrayed is a fantastic book. I would recommend this book for everyone. But, just a suggestion- read the books in the series in order, you will be lost at the first point in the book. 5 stars, thumbs up! Geographical Event: Geographical Event: Food Reasonings: In this story, Nina and her friends go on an amazing journey where they have many desicions and many hardships to face. One of them is food. They had bread, apples, oranges, cereal, oatmeal bars, and carrots, if anything else, there wasn't much of it. Quote:
-" She now lives in Colombus, Ohio with her husband, Doug.
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