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Shailesh Nirmal

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of EHSMS

Environment Health & Safety Management System
Technical Guidelines
Historic Milestones
International Standards
AD EHSMS Administrative Structure
What is EHSMS?

The "AD EHS Management System" is an integrated management tool that covers the environmental, safety and occupational health aspects of workplaces

Developed a EHSMS Manual specific for both Crowne Plaza & Staybridge Suites
Got the approval for manual from the our SRA - ADTCA for both the properties
Reviewed our own Corporate Brand Safety Standards to match the AD EHSMS RF
Gap Analysis has been done to bridge the missing elements from IHG BSS
Identified the Risk Assessors from each department and trained them on Risk Assessments
Done a complete risk assessment for both the properties by the respective departmental risk assessors and is currently under review
All the employees needs to be trained on Level 2 Award in Health & Safety to meet the training and competency element.
To implemented all the applicable Code of Practices.
Systematic compliance towards all the Mandatory Elements and Mechanisms by all our colleagues
Completed third party certification on the Implemented EHSMS for Crowne Plaza
Implemented Mechanism no.5 for Staybridge Suites Yas Island.
Lead auditor for ISO 9001:2008/ ISO 14001:2004 standards
Lead auditor for OHSAS 18001 Management standards
Certified with NEBOSH International General Certificate
Certified with Abu Dhabi Occupational Health & Safety Practitioners Course
AD QUODRAT approved EHS Practitioner
ADTCA has developed a compliance and enforcement process which includes the following:
Non Compliance/ Non conformity notice
Written Warning
Monetary Fines
Suspension of Trade/Commercial License and
Cancellation of Trade / Commercial License.

As per ADTCA all the entity's coming under ADTCA shall implement EHSMS not later than December 2014 and submit the third party EHSMS certification by January 2015 - Done.

The EHSMS Certificate is valid for 3 years when the implemented system is maintained without any non conformance as attested by the Annual Surveillance audit by 3rd party certification body submitting the audit report to ADTCA.

In general EHSMS Certificate will be a mandatory for all entities (Hotels) from 2016 - 17 to obtain their hotel license
EHS Roles, Responsibilities and Self Regulation

Achieve the vision of Abu Dhabi Goverment - 2030 for providing safe and healthy workplace and consequently for protecting the safety and heatlh of all citizens and residents, through effective partnership among all stakeholders and pushing by continual improvement in the management of workplace EHS aspects


The AD EHSMS Regulatory Framework (RF) is designed to ensure employee's safety and the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well being of employees by preventing ill health, controlling risks and adaption of work to people and people to their jobs.

Through the protection of employees the system will also protect visitors, customers, suppliers, nearby communities and other members of the public who are impacted by the workplace environment.

The Government of Abu Dhabi Emirate is committed to protect and conserve the environment, and to protect and promote human health and safety for all inhabitants of the Abu Dhabi Emirate.

The objectives of this policy is to achieve excellence in the management and protection of the environment, health and safety, through partnership between all government and private sectors to ensure activities within Abu Dhabi Emirate are undertaken in a responsible, safe and sustainable manner.

Every person living and contributing to the lifestyle enjoyed in the Emirate is encouraged to participate in improving the environment, health and safety conditions for the benefit of current and future generations.

All sectors shall ensure alignment of their plans and activities with this policy and commit to the guiding principles stated in the Regulatory Framework.

ISO 190011 - Auditing

ISO 31000 - Risk Management
OHSAS 18001
Occupational Health & Safety management System
ISO 9001

Quality Management System
ISO 14001
Environmental Management System
It Define the mandatory Management System components to be incorporated into an entity's EHSMS.
Specify the minimum requirements of Entity's EHSMS.
1. Roles, Responsibilities and Self - Regulation
2. Risk Management
3. Management of Contractors
4. Consultation and Communication
5. Training and Competency
6. Emergency Response and Management
7. Monitoring, Investigation and Reporting
8. Audit and Inspection; and
9. Compliance and Management Review
It is a Guidance Documents which supports the mandatory requirements
Technical Guidelines
Indoor Air Quality management
Management of Contracters
Manual Handling and Ergonomics
Manual Tasks involving the handing of people
Process of Risk Management
Safe Removal of Asbestos containing Materials
Safe Work in Confined Spaces
Safety in the Heat
Training and Competency
Communication and Consultation
Audit and Inspection; and
EHS Incident Investigations
EHSMS Guidance Documents
EHS Roles, Responsibilites and Structures
Key Performance Indicators; and
EHS Incident Investigation

AD EHSMS - Goals
EHSMS Regulatory Instruments
ADTCA EHSMS Requirements
What is Regulatory Instruments ?

Regulatory Instruments defines the EHS Mandatory and Enforceable Requirements for a specific subject area.

Legally Enacted by the AD EHSMS RF

Approved and issued by the AD EHS Center
Codes of Practice
CoP is a mandatory EHS Technical requirements which is subject specific that sets a minimum requirement that each entity must comply with.

The Basic make up the codes of practice consists of:

- Introduction
- Training & Competency
- Requirements (Roles & Responsibilities)
- References.

Codes of practices are developed by AD EHS center or relevant competent authorities and final approval of codes of practices is done by the higher committee.

AD EHSMS Mechanisms
AD EHSMS Mechanisms describes the mandatory AD EHSMS RF implemenatation process and procedures

eg: EHS Incident Reporting

These Mechanisms includes relevant maps and standard AD EHSMS RF Forms

eg: EHS Incident Reporting is a mechanisms and the Form used to report the incidents to our SRA (ADTCA) is Form G - Entity EHS Incident Reporting Form
AD EHSMS Mechanisms
Integration of EHS Requirements in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
Concerned Sector EHS Requirements
Identify, Nominate and Register Entities. -
Form A & B
EHSMS Submission, Review and Approval -
Form C, I
Requirement for low risk entities
EHSMS performance and Incident Reporting -
Form G,E & F
AD EHS Professional Entity Registration
AD EHS Practitioner Registration
Notification of principal contractor for construction work
- Form H
Request to update AD EHSMS RF and Associated Documents
- Form J
EHS Incident Investigations
- Form K
Notification Requirements for EHSMS Awareness activities
- Form L
How we Implemented EHSMS in our Properties
EHSMS Team Competency
Sector Compliance and Enforcement Process
EHSMS Implementation & Its Progress
Thank You

Any Questions????.......
Implement ADTCA compliant EHSMS structured with AD EHSMS RF ensuring that there is an organisational commitment, structure, process & resources
Appoint a dedicated EHS Manager/director whose primary responsibility will be to coordinate ,implement and manage the entity's regulatory obligations & commitments
To notify all the incidents to ADTCA and do necessary investigation followed by corrective actions (by submitting Form G/G1 & G2)
Submit Quarterly EHSMS Performance report which includes Key Performance Indicators such as no of incidents, first aid cases, Energy consumption, water consumption, waste generated etc and entity needs to show the reduction of all the KPI over the year ( by submitting Form E)
Undergo Annual Third party audit for EHSMS and submit the certificate to ADTCA for tourism license and submit the Form F to ADTCA.
Routine unannounced audit by ADTCA on EHSMS Compliance.
How our Properties are Classified for EHSMS
Where we stand in terms of EHSMS in our Properties
- The EHSMS Manual has been approved.
- Both the hotel has been classified.
- Documentation process has been done.
- Basic implementation incorporating the IHG risk management has been done.
- Colleagues has been trained with basic health & safety Training (Level 2) - Ongoing.
- Certified with EHSMS by 3rd party certification body in 2015.
- Shall be audited by the certification body every year as a surveillance audit.

Need to develop and follow the implemented EHSMS in our property with our colleagues.
In July 2016, The EHSMS Version 2.0 has been updated to Version 3.0

The Major change with the update shall be the omission of Environmental safety from the system as it has been handled separately by Center of Waste Management - now called as OSHMS - Occupational Safety & Health Management System

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