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Laura Secord

No description

Khushi V

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of Laura Secord

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When it happened:
The next morning she hiked from Queenston to Beaver dams where FitzGibbon (the head of Canadian forces) was stationed.
Laura lived in a small home in Queenston where, a few American officers forced there way in to her home, and demanded dinner,while she quietly washed the dishes she had overheard the officers planning the attack.
Laura Secord had hiked 32km across upper Canada, to warn Canadian and British forces about an attack being planned by American officers.
Where it happened
To inform the British and Canadian troops about an attack, Laura Secord had hiked 32km across upper Canada, on a hot summer day of June 21, 1813. Her clothes had ripped because of the branches in the
Queenston Jungle she had rushed through.
In our country, to honour her, there are several high schools,ice cream shops and chocolate companies all named after Laura!
Canada Post
Laura was in her home when several American officers barged in and demanded she make them dinner.While laura washed the dishes, she overheard the men planning the attack on the Niagara region. That is when she told her husband James Secord that she herself will have to warn FitzGibbon (the head of British/Canadian forces) about the attack.
Laura Secord
how did Laura Secord become
an Influencial Canadian?
why did laura do what she did
Laura did this because she was afraid that the Niagara region (where the officers were planning to attack) would have been destroyed.
Canada Post
Fun Fact
Canada Post
What Happened:
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