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The Human Body Isabela Lopez

No description


on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of The Human Body Isabela Lopez

The Human Body

By: Isabela Lopez
My favorite activity is playing with my dog. Running and playing is connected with the body systems.
3 Systems
How is it connected? Well, to be able to play my whole body works together to help me stay healthy. Here are 3 systems that help me move. #1. The Skeletal system. #2. The Respiratory system. #3. The circulatory system.
#1. Skeletal System
The skeletal system is the system in which the bones work together. Lets say I didn't have bones. When I went outside to play, I would have fall all the way down to the floor and not move. So, the skeletal system is the shape of my body. Inside this system, bones don't connect magically together, they have things called joints. Here the bones meet and then we can be connected! Of course if we didn't have joints, we wouldn't be able to move our feet, legs, arms, fingers, etc. So when I go outside and play, I will not fall, and I will be able to run thanks to the joints. The bones help a lot in other systems they are in the following boxes.
#2 Respiratory System
The respiratory system is a very important system too. This system includes the lungs. We need oxygen. The lungs catch the air in their balloon shape and since we take the the air out so fast the heart needs to pump the blood fast so it can get to our lungs and catch air. We need to take special care of our lungs. When we smoke, or live in dirty places the lungs start to get dirty the more you breathe in that place. so if its contaminated enough then you need to take one out or replace them. Of course the lungs are a very delicate part of our body so, incase you fall on your tommy there are bones called ribs that act like a fence so you dont damage your lungs.
#3 Circulatory System
The Circulatory system is one of the most important systems in our body. This system includes the heart. When you touch your chest you can hear a "drum" that is the heart. Every time the heart pumps it sends blood in low oxygen inside the heart and then sends it to the lungs to get air. Then the heart takes the blood inside again and throws them through the aorta to the other parts of your body so they can get oxygen too. Also, the bones produce blood cells and kill dirty blood cells so you can live better.
Healthy Choices
So how can we keep our systems healthy? For the skeletal system you can eat lots of vegtebles and friuts and of course diary products to have strong bones.
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