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Mobile Devices in School

No description

Ellie Tsai

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Mobile Devices in School

iPod touches
etc. My argument: Mobile devices should be allowed and encouraged in school because
it can be used for learning purposes
its easier and more efficient for students and teachers
increases the likability of classes
and has special features Learning Purposes! Enriches and Expands a students learning experience Apps for learning! Encourages and helps learning What devices are we talking about? NO phones Special Features Anti bulling apps! " ITEMS NOT ALLOWED ON DURING SCHOOL HOURS Cell Phones
Electronic Games
Other electronic devices which are disruptive to the learning environment " Notice they said "nothing that disrupts the learning environment." By using devices for education, it actually helps the learning environment. -District Policy Information Because the school doesn't allow us to use our own devices, they have to pay for classroom sets of electronics. Devices can help special needs children communicate at school It's easy and efficient for students and teachers! Turning on a tablet takes only seconds compared to the time and trouble to turn on laptops. You can get almost endless apps on 1 single device Students can work at school and home, without having to worry about a flash drive. I recently lost a flash drive!

If we used more mobile devices,we wouldn't have this problem! There are thousands of learning apps available! Increases the likeability of a class Has "cool factor"
Boosts the number of kids that like the class
Helps keep students interested and actively involved Unfortunately.... Using mobile devices at school may lead to: Cheating
Access to the social network More Special Features! Mobile Devices in School
Ellie Tsai P.3 EVEN MORE Special Features! Music helps the brain focus! A research team at Stanford University found that music 'lights up' areas of the brain. This involves making predictions, paying attention and memorizing details. So listening to music while studying or doing class work can actually help you! By using online textbooks, it can save time, money, and trees. You also will never have outdated information. I am all schools to use because it can be used to
, it creates a and it has so many that can help students every day in encouraging mobile devices efficiently LEARN school. unique features likeable class, Thank You for listening! Any Questions?
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