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Conventions of the Adventure Genre

No description

Jennifer Purssell

on 11 July 2018

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Transcript of Conventions of the Adventure Genre

Other Conventions
Often hybridised with sci-fi, romance or
are believable.
protagonist seems like a normal person, but is incredibly resilient (particularly in courage, resourcefulness and intellect).
Humorous dialogue often helps with tense and sometimes frightening situations.
are often in mortal danger from an assortment of unusual animals, machines and monsters that are by an evil antagonist.
In the not-too-distant past or future.
Exotic locations where the characters have to contend with extremes of climate, as well as evil forces.
Foreshadows danger.
Good vs. evil
Often follows the hero's quest.
Narrative is driven by plot, rather than character.
Challenges increase in difficulty and danger.
Conventions of the Adventure Genre
Secondary Characters
often innocent others get caught up in the chaos and become essential helpers for the protagonist.
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