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Japanese Fruits and Vegetables

Me saying fruits and vegetables in Japanese and English

Aisling M.

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Japanese Fruits and Vegetables

By Aisling Murphy Fruits and Vegetables Apple: lingo Fruits Orange: mikan Mango: mango Peach: momo One of My Favorites...
Strawberry: ichigo Grape: budo Raspberry: lasuberi Pineapple: pine appuru Watermelon: suika Banana: banana One of My Favorites...
Spinach: horenso Vegetables Tomato: tomato Potato: jagaimo Cucumber: kyuri Pumpkin: kabocha Green onion: negi Eggplant: nasu Broccoli: burokori Asparagus: asuparagas-u Celery: serori Fuji Apple: fuji lingo Traditional Japanese Fruit
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