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Sally Pearson

No description

Mr Wardrop

on 29 November 2017

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Transcript of Sally Pearson

Sally Pearson
Her good Qualities
Bounce Back Attitude
Trust Worthy
Good Natured
She married Keiran in 2010
She grew up with her mother
She has 2 dogs
She is 167cm tall
Her name means Princess
She doesn't have kids
She has 13 siblings [including her} there dad run away when they were 4
She has two fav colors: green and purple
She has a fav food: Apple Pie with melted chocolate

What she does
Trains herself : " I've been training for eight months and I'm feeling pretty confident."she says

Listens to her body

Knows when enough is enough
1 She was born in Paddington then moved to Birdsvile when she was eight.
2 When she was a primary school someone called Sharon Hannah who then coached her until 2013.
3 Then at the age of 13 she won the Australian Youth 100m and 90m hurdles titles
4 Then when she was 16 she went on to go to the World Championships in the 4x100 meter relay and also she did the 100m and just missed out
Mini Time Line
5 In 2006 she went to the Common Wealth Games in the 100m hurdles and tripped over a hurdle and that cost her the chance of a medal.
6 Then again in 2007 she went to the Common Wealth Games and made it to the semi finals in the 100m hurdles.
7 In 2008 she decided to only do on the 100m hurdle.
Personal Details
Why I admire Sally Pearson
I admire Sally Pearson because I love how she gets back up e.g. when she tripped of the hurdle and lost the medal [the chance]
Not a lot of people know me outside of athletics and believe it or not I am actually quite shy. The exhilaration of a win or tears after falling are the extremes. It takes me a while to get to know someone, but once I do I am very loyal to my old friends.
If you hold back in hurdles, you are going to fall over
My goals were last year to win the world champs and this year to win the Olympic Games and I've done that and I couldn't be happier
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