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Tangerine research project

Home thefts

Belle Smith

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Tangerine research project

HOME THEFTS In the year 2003 to 2007 an estimated 3.7 million home thefts took place. Home thefts are very common in some areas of the U.S. Millions of things are stolen right out on peoples homes because of these thieves. Most people don't even get what was stolen back. Even though neighborhoods are patrolled by cops the thief still gets away with the stolen item(s). Sometimes though cameras catch the thieves at work and they are reported, caught, sent to jail, and the homeowner gets their belonging(s) back. (http://crimeinamerica.net) In Tangerine Paul's neighborhood experiences home theft problems. The town of Lake Windsor has had things stolen from the houses that were tented for bug issues. The town is in a panic because expensive things have been stolen and the town wants them back. By: Miranda Servey and Talia Wilson Home thefts have become a big issue in the U.S. because 7% of home thefts a household member experienced some form of violent victimization, this causing the death rate of home theft caused deaths to rise. (http://crimeinamerica.net) When the homes have their things stolen are expensive and some irreplaceable but the most caused thing from home thefts is heartbreak. When thieves steal the things from homes they usually get away and that's not OK in this world! The thief needs to be caught and sent to jail for the crime! A solution to home thefts is homeowners and renters can lock doors and windows so that the thief has a hard time getting in the house. This can be very useful in towns where home thefts are common. (www.wikihow.com) "It was a list of items, items that had been stolen from house in Lake Windsor downs, as complied by the tangerine county sheriff's department. There were notations like Rolex watch, $900, recovered and pearls antique $500, not recovered." (Bloor,278) Another solution to help prevent home thefts is to have a working alarm system in your home. This will scare the thief because they know that the cops will be sent because of the system going off. (www.wikihow.com) About 28% of thefts a household member is present during the theft. 7% of all home thefts a household member experienced some form of violent victimization. (http://crimeinamerica.net) Home thefts are an issue in the U.S. because thieves steal items from the homes they break into and the homeowner rarely gets their stuff back. Some things that the thieves steal are to make the family depressed because the thieves sometime steal irreplaceable things like pictures and things passed down from generations Our solution to home thefts is to increase the number of police that patrol neighborhoods every day so that they might see the thefts and take action. This can help the thieves get caught and punished for their crime. Thieves are unknown to some people.
Some people don't look like thieves,
but they are...
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