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The Power to Master Communication

Become a master of communication and watch your business BOOM!

Pamela Herrmann

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of The Power to Master Communication

But first things first...
Are you ready to step into a highly effective form of communication that gets you results?
Rule #1
Be in business
on purpose, with purpose!
Everything you do should either bring you leads or sales.
So Job One is building rapport
And in the process we learn what they need...
MOST of us listen to reply rather then listen to understand...
If you're thinking about what to say instead of LISTENING to what they say and how they say it, then you're missing out on sales!
You have to train your brain to process what you hear on a different level.
And training your brain starts with one action, and one action only!
Because when you are present, you will learn what it is they CARE about
And what they VALUE!
Without knowing what your prospect values, you're on a road trip with no map!
The Power of High Yielding Questions!
Businesses best positioned to excel in today's economy are LISTENING first, responding second!
They start by talking...
...a lot!
About why this person they're talking to HAS to buy their 'cool thing'!
Don't do it!
Side effects may include:
Swelling of the tongue
Rashes and itchiness
Inflamation of the liver
Mastering communication starts with YOU being interested
NOT interesting!
This is the root to building rapport!
Actually, what compels us to take action is 80% emotional!
This technique will bring you the results you're looking for and it will change and enrich every relationship you have moving forward.
So what does the conversation look like that will reveal what your prospect cares & values?
There are a few things I like to understand before I talk about a solution...
Step 1: Understand where they are now in their life.
Step 2: Where would they rather be?
Why aren't they doing that now?
Body language on your part is everything here!
Maintain strong eye contact and nod appropriately.
All of this brings us to a greater understanding of what it is they value!
So if you ask the right questions you will learn some pretty cool stuff about your prospect AND they'll tell you their emotional triggers !
Emotional triggers are what compels us to ACT!
This establishes mindset!
Why is mindset important?
Because you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped!
Then you ask them, "How serious are you about wanting [x]?"
Aha! Now you're getting somewhere!
...What you're actually determining is whether they are OPEN to a solution!
Transition Statement
This is when you nod your head, squint your eyes as if deep in thought and say...
"I think I may have something that will help you get [that thing they want]."
The person who speaks next loses control of the conversation!
Because you want THEM to inquire!
This is where it can be REALLY uncomfortable at first because most of us are uncomfortable with pregnant pauses!
If they are curious, they will ask and INVITE you to share more information!
Set the Appointment
If they are interested in hearing about your solution, then set an appointment with them for coffee or to talk over the phone.
Resist the temptation to present on the spot if they express interest in a solution!!!
That's it!
The fastest way to cash in ANY business is by having a lot of people to talk to (or leads) and converting those leads into customers!
So ask yourself with everything you do, will this bring me leads or sales
Before we get into EFFECTIVE communication, let's take a look at the way most people communicate when they start their business:
And if you don't know what they value, it's impossible to build a 'Value Proposition'
Corporate America spends billions of dollars each year understanding what YOU value so that you will transact with them!
Disappointing results?
We are getting bombarded with information, right?
The secret to increased sales and creating raving fans is to be crystal clear with "WIIFM" before you breathe one word of a solution!
When you ask the right questions your suspect will tell you what will compel them to take action!
And that's okay too...
Some people are funny that way
Speaking of value propositions... if you don't know what this is or why it's critical to your business, then may I recommend:
PBS's Frontline: The Persuaders
which means...
People want to transact with someone who they know, like & trust...
And guess what -- you just saved a bunch of your precious time by NOT presenting to someone who was never really interested!
Now that's something to celebrate!
now, shhhh!
For more tips on getting free or low cost leads for your business and increasing your sales, visit me at:

Just be curious here... what do they do for work, fun, hobbies.
What do they want?
What would they rather be doing?
These are the obstacles
What is standing in the path?
What do they need to make it happen?
Seriously, it's bad form, so DON'T DO IT!


Let's review!
To build rapport that leads to massive sales:

Be interested not interesting...
Ask questions to determine what they care about...
Watch your eye contact & nods...
Listen to what they care and value in life...
Tell them you may have something to help them...
Set the appointment...
Emotional Trigger Words
These are the words we choose to describe the things that are important to us.
Once you hear someone's emotional trigger words, you will want to bank them in your mind
As you are presenting, and when you begin to build a value proposition, you will incorporate THEIR emotional trigger words.
This is what compels them to transact -- EMOTIONS!
Back to:
Quickly Convert Suspects Into Prospects into Customers!
Are you ready to present?
There are a couple of tricks to do at this stage that will really get you massive results
Use the following tie downs during your presentation and watch your confidence, control and closing rate double!
Control the conversation
Develop 'yes' momentum
Have an idea as to how close -- or far away -- you are from a decision
"Do you agree with that?"
"And that's a nice feature, isn't it?"
"I'm sure you can see how that would work for you, right?"
"That's powerful, isn't it?"
"Do we have an agreement?"
"You feel that way too, don't you?"
"Does this help?"
"Can we get this started for you?"
"Wouldn't you?"
"And who wouldn't want that?"
"Isn't that right?"
"Are you with me?"
"You'd have to agree with that, wouldn't you?"
"Do you see what I mean?"
"Make sense?"
"That's what you want to hear, isn't it?"
"You would, wouldn't you?"
"Got it?"
"Sound reasonable?"
"Good solution, right?"
"I can't think of a better way, can you?"
"You're with me on this, right?"
"Does that make sense?"
Tie-Downs allow you to do the following:
Asking for the business
This is simple! Just tie it all together. You say:
"Now that you have learned about how our products/services can solve [x] you really just have 3 choices..."
"You can do nothing, and life will continue to go on much in the same way it has in the past."
"You can become a customer and enjoy [benefit of product]"
"Or, you can become an associate and get your products for free, earn a little bit of money on the side, possibly a lot of money!"
"Which of these 3 choices works best for you?"
So if you're leading your conversations with talking instead of listening then you're losing sales & revenue.
[x] represents their emotional trigger words
What's really awesome is that you don't have to spend one penny getting this information from your prospect -- if you ask the right questions they will TELL you what they value!
When you feel like you have a grasp on what the need is, and are they open to a solution, you move into a transition statement.
Wait patiently and let them answer
Let's get started...
And that's a BIG mistake!
This is key to separating yourself upon first meeting.
Super powerful!
and Raving Fans!
This is what it looks like if you lay it out in a straight line:
Knowing how to attract ANYONE
Whether they know you or NOT
Is what this training is all about
So by the end of this presentation you'll understand EXACTLY how to build rapport with anyone so that they trust you and want to work with you.
The goal is convert a stranger from a suspect to a prospect to a customer and then into a raving fan!
Everything else is a distraction
We do this by listening... sounds basic but few people are effective at listening.
When you know what someone cares & values, you can design an irresistible solution -- in marketing terms, this is called a 'Value Proposition'
If you're not getting the results you want the problem most likely lies right here in your business.
You're under the false impression that people care. The truth is...
(and I'll always tell you the truth...)
People are mostly motivated by a little notion of "What's In It For Me?"
So this is where we take advantage by doing something most people are NOT doing and standing out as a result.
It feels like everyone is talking and no one is listening!
pssst... it's emotions-based!
Trust Building Tip #3
So that's the front end of the conversation!
Information gathering, fact finding, diagnostic...
You're going to need them later in the presentation of your solution.
and if they don't express any interest and don't ask then don't tell!
Draw out any questions or concerns that may result in objections
If you don't know what they value, then you can't build a 'value proposition'
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