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The Wide World of Animals

No description

Savannah Davis

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of The Wide World of Animals

Reptiles Now, reptiles are a little different then mammals. They are cold blooded which means they have to be in heat and can't produce their own. Also they have scales, kinda like fish and they hatch from soft eggs. Don't worry they're still vertebrates ( like us humans). Some of them shed their skins like the famous reptile, the snake! Mammals (Humans too are mammals!) By: Savannah Davis The Wide World
of Animals Birds Birds are the most different of all. They have these things attached to their bodies called feathers. Feathers allow birds to fly above the ground. Birds are warm blooded, lay eggs, and are vertebrates. Also did you know usually the male birds are brightly colored? That's right! The male wants to attract a mate while the female camouflages and hides the egg! Did you also know not all birds can fly? Some swim instead, or you could call it flying under water. Some birds cant do anything with there wings like the ostrich. Fish Fish are really cool! They breath oxygen and live underwater. What helps them do that? A body part called gills! Also they have scales that help them swim and fins that help too. Some fish have back bones, but some don't. The fish that have bones are called boney fish. I'm not fooling you! Some fish that don't are sharks. Sharks are made off of a material called cartilage. Its in your ears and nose. Its what allows it to move! Amphibians Amphibians are a lot like fish and reptiles mixed. They live on both land and water! That's right! They are cold blooded, and they are vertebrates. Also they breath right through their skin instead of their mouth, nose, etc. ( but they still have lungs). There is a kind of amphibian called a caecilian. They have no legs. Here is a picture of one! Mammals are warm blooded and usually have their birth live instead of eggs. Here are some examples! The lions, tigers, bears, monkeys, ect. Get the picture? Also these magnificent creatures have back bones (spine, or vertebrates) , have the biggest brains out of all the animal groups, and have hair. One of the strangest mammal is the platypus! It lays eggs instead of live birth! Thank you for viewing! This is a penguin flying under water! Insects Insects are still animals. They have three main parts. A thorax, abdomen, and of course, a head.
Some insects have this structure called a exoskeleton. Its like a hard shell outside its body. Also insects are invertebrates. Some may have wings, and usually six legs. Did you know beetles are the largest group of insects? Well, now you know! So before you squish a bug, beetle, or insect try to identify it first. Do all Mammals have live birth?

All Mammals have hair

True or False?

Do reptiles have feathers?

All reptiles are not cold blooded

True or False? Do all birds have feathers?

All Birds can fly and swim

True or False? What does the Shark have in it that many Fish don't? All Fish are bony Fish

True or False? All Amphibians don't have legs

True or False

Do all amphibians fly?

( Trick Question) All of us have the same body parts as the beetles ( insect)

True or False?

If False, name the body parts

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