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Top 10 Adjustments to make Now!

Top ten adjustments for a robust economy

Bill Behn

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Top 10 Adjustments to make Now!

Nsight Training:Top Ten Recruiting and Sales adjustments for a Robust Economy

Operations...Top Five Adjustments to Make Now!
Adjustment #3
Educate yourself and your clients on current market conditions.
Adjustment #1
Understand that SMART is even more important when candidates are scarce.
Closing Deals...
Adjustment #4:
Manage your client's expectation

Time Management...
Adjustment #5:
Establish effective time management routines to maximize your productivity.
Sales...Top Five Adjustments to Make Now!
Talent Delivery...
Adjustment #2:

Become a Talent Delivery Expert.
Adjustment #1:

Leverage SMART Differently.
Job Orders...
Adjustment #3:
Pick and Choose Job Orders wisely.
Candidate Campaigns...
Adjustment #4:

Get really good at sending targeted Candidate Campaign Emails.
Your Recruiter...
Adjustment #5:

Limit your Recruiting Team's Liability
Adjustment #2:

View and Manage your candidates differently.
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