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Customer Loyalty & Engagement Platform

No description

Hiteshwar Vadlamudi

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Customer Loyalty & Engagement Platform

Customer Intelligence
Customer Engagement & Loyalty Management Platform
Modules & Technology Architecture
Campaign Management
Create Campaigns (SMS, E-Mail, Social) targeted to your customers
Create Public Campaigns for all the customers.
LIVE Campaigns - In Store Campaigns or create campaigns while customer is browsing your site.
Create personalized campaigns for better customer engagement
Up-Sell, Cross Sell, Increase Purchase Frequency & Reduce Dropouts
Integrate Campaigns with your CRM and ERP.
Customer Connect
E-Mails, SMS
Mobile - Push Notifications
Social Media, Create Social Fan Base
Campaign Boosters -
Refer a Friend
Make all information available to your Executives or who ever is facing customers
Personal Recomendation Engines
Persona Snap Shots
Customer Categorization and many more.
Instant Information in the choosen format - best for your customer facing executives
You have data & customer insights, now create campaigns
Increase Campaign Conversion Rates with Better Customer Engagement
Dashboards for your Sales Executives or Customer Facing Teams on Track
Right Offers to Right People @ Right Time
Life Cycle Marketing
Send Communications based on Customers predicted behaviour
Send follow up reminders
Analyze Read receipts, analyse responses to your communication and be more intelligent
Right Offers/Promotions at Right Time using the Right Means
Increase your redemption/conversion rates
The 6 Sides of the Cube represent the different modules of the customer engagement & loyalty management platform. The cube will itself represent the architecture of the whole platform
Campaign Management
Customer Connect
Life Cycle Marketing
Multi Channel Data Capture
Collate entire Customer data from all sources into one Single Place.
Customer Accounts
Payment History
Transaction History
Customer Interactions/Queries
Personal Data
Customers Social Data from facebook & Other Sources
Customer Intelligence
You have customer data, understand them BETTER
Multi Channel Data Capture
Know your customer
Generate a Persona for a customer
Index customers based on his "Impact Factor" or "Purchasing Power"
Create a Purchase Index for your customer.
Dashboards to give you insights about your customers and their profiles.
Create Questions like "Customers who purchased more than $200 in last 2 months" and get answers from the accumulated data.
Get deeper insights about your customers and their persona.
Time bound campaigns (Send a mail 2 days before thanks giving)
Event Triggered campaigns (Send a mail if the user did not purchase anything for the past 1 week, or on his birthday)
Promotional Campaigns (BOGO and Other promotional offers)
Trial Campaigns (Use our new mobile app and get $20 credit)
Our BI team will analyze all your data sources and prepapre a plan to help you consolidate all the data sources. Our BI experts have delivered complex solutions using both Open Source & Commercial BI platforms
We will understand your customer profile. Weather you sell products or offer services, we will help you define your customer and create dashboads driven by powerfull analytics and algorithms that will give you better insights about YOUR CUSTOMER.
You Have all Data & You understand your Customer.

We will work with your marketing team in defining & creating awesome campaigns that target your customer.

We will help you create business rules that help you in delivering the campaigns at the right place in right time
Connect with your customer

Our Team will work with your marketing team to define a connect plan.
Deliver the campaigns, newsletters and other communication to your customers and connect with them.
Our Social Media connectors help you automate majority of the process.
Our Delivery product will easily plug into your CRM and help you in establishing great customer connection
Power Your Sales Team

We will work with your Sales Executives to give them the precise information they need.
Dashboards over Mobile/Tablet devices will give detailed customer insights to your sales team - LIVE

Customer profile, likes, history, purchase index and everything is available to your executives - INSTANTLY
Give What Customers Want

Understand your customers life style. We will work with some of your customers to understand their needs and will help you build technology solutions that will help you align your marketing activities with your customer needs
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