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geography missippi

Sophie Machin

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of GEOGRAPHYY.

Mississippi River Management.. Facts.. 5th largest basin The 3rd largest river in the world! Floodplans are Mississippi river flows through 10 states the river discharges 584million tonnes of sediment a year Its main tributaries are the
R. Ohio, 
R. Kansas,
R. Missouri
& The Red River 1993 flood in an weather pattern during that summer in soaking rains in the northern Mississippi River valley unusual resulted some areas recieved over 30 inches of rain during the summer 200% more than usual with the soil already saturated from spring rains, much of the water drained directly into the Mississippi River. response to flooding of the Mississippi River Dams & Reservoirs 25 huge reservoirs have been built along the river for excess water & tributaries Levees have been strengthened with concrete mattresses to reduce erosion of the river banks Flood Forecasting The national weather authority are
now responsible for the flood warnings
along the River Mississippi in the world 200km wide Afforestation have been increasing tree cover to delay run off
into the rivers Diversionary Spillways These are overflow channels which can store excess water in times of flood and release it after the risk of floods have passed. Primary Effects 50 people died 62,000 families were evacuated 55 towns were wrecked 70% of levees were
damaged 6million acres of farmland was ruined Secondary Effects $2.6 billion of crops were ruined $12 billion was spent on property
insurance alone Transport roads and bridges
were effected river traffic halted for several months electricity
lines collapsed disease the smell attracted
rats & mosquitoes
leaving a risk of "We were very, very disappointed this
levee broke today," said emergency official
Patti Thompson.
"Help Was Promised" "I fully understand people are upset when they lose their home. A person's home is their most valued possession," George Bush said.
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